Seventh-Day Adventism Disclaimer

You’ll notice that much of the content on this site is doctrinally-aligned with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. Although I find most SDA theology to be very close to the truth when it comes to the deception in the Last Days I am not an Adventist myself and don’t claim that all SDA theology is strictly correct.

Here are some SDA doctrines which I do believe to be correct and relevant to The Great Delusion in the Last Days:

  1. The state of the dead (Death Truth, Ghost Truth)
  2. The 7th-day Sabbath (Sabbath Truth)
  3. The “Mark of the Beast” (666 Truth)
  4. The nature of Hell/damnation (Hell Truth)
  5. Post-tribulation Rapture (Rapture Truth)
  6. The Millennium Reign (The Coming Millennium)
  7. The nature of angels (Angel Truth)

There are a number of doctrines in the SDA denomination that I do not find sufficient Biblical support for, such as their reverence for their founder Ellen G. White as a prophetess, their perspective on jewelry, the role of women in ministry and their adherence to a kosher diet (avoiding “unclean” foods). They may or may not be correct on these doctrines, but I don’t find these theological disagreements to be particularly relevant to the coming Great Delusion. I would encourage those who are not SDA to keep an open mind and pray for discernment regarding theological concepts that are different from what you’ve been taught before. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

External Links

Pastor Jared Thurmon

Aliens or Angels?
The majority of Americans now believe in intelligent alien life. Does the Bible talk about Aliens? If so, who are they? What is their agenda? Are they Aliens or could they be Angels, Demons, Relatives or something else? Why is the discussion on making contacting increasing?

Lucifer’s Second Coming
The Christian world awaits a Messiah to come a second time. The Muslim world, the Jewish world, the New Age movement -all await the coming of a Savior type figure. But before the Second Coming of Jesus – the Bible describes a false coming – a staged return of Jesus by Lucifer as Christ.

Love and War Story

This 10-part series, also produced by Jared Thurmon from Adairsville Seventh-Day Adventist Church, is a creative overview of the Story of Salvation, told in an engaging and unique story-telling format. Episode 9 “Black Swan” in particular covers the Great Delusion of the Last Days.

Channeled Messages from Fallen Angels

This website aggregates many “channeled” messages from New Age spiritists who believe in the “Galactic Federation of Light” and similar variations. It is defintely NOT a Christian website and it contains a plethora of satanic lies, dressed up in New Age occultism. Proceed with caution, discernment and prayer when visiting this website!

Little Light Studios

This YouTube channel covers a lot of content related to the paranormal, including so-called “extraterrestrials” from a Biblical Christian perspective. 

Strange Normal

This YouTube channel also focuses on exposing the satanic deception behind aliens, ghosts and other paranormal phenomenon from the Christian point-of-view. 

CE4 Research Group

The mission of CE4 Research Group is to share with the world, the most powerful evidence known that exposes the Alien entities for who they really are. That evidence is in the testimonies of those who have overcome the experience, the oppression, the bondage, the harassment, the control, the lies, the deception that these entities perpetrate, by calling out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ. 

"The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels" - by Paradox Brown

Freely-available book that covers the abilities of fallen angels to cause false visions and other supernatural phenomenon that is connected to the Great Delusion in the Last Days. 

How to Manually Add an eBook to a Kindle

This website (The Great Delusion) is available in eBook format (epub and mobi) so that readers can take it with them offline and distribute it more easily, in case the website ever goes offline or becomes inaccessible.

If you need help getting the mobi version of the ebook on your Kindle use the instructions found here: