Channelling: Whispers of Fallen Angels

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Anyone familiar with the New Age and “Great Awakening” (Spiritual ET) movements probably knows the term “channelling”, but even those unfamiliar with these movements need to be aware of this practice because it is already playing a vital role in the coming Great Delusion. Essentially, “channelling” is when someone voluntarily allows an external entity to communicate through them. Such alleged entities include ghosts, demons, angels, extraterrestrials, “ascended masters”, gods/deities, ancestors, and even supposedly God Himself. Those who practice this activity are called “channellers” and/or “mediums”. The Bible makes it quite clear that this practice is a sin and that we should not even associate with such spiritists.

“Do not defile yourselves by turning to mediums or to those who consult the spirits of the dead. I am the LORD your God.

Leviticus 19:31

In the Spiritual ET community “channelling” can take several different forms, including automatic writing/typing, vocal and telepathic. Automatic writing/typing is when a channeller puts themselves in a mental state where they handwrite or type without consciously moving their hands/fingers. In this case the person gives partial control of their mind and body to the fallen angel in order to communicate a written message. Vocal channeling is when a person gives a fallen angel control of their voice and lets the entity speak verbally, usually while being recorded for later transcription. Both of these methods are as old as the New Age movement itself.

Another type of channelling using “telepathy” has become more popular in the Spiritual ET community lately. Unlike automatic writing or vocal channelling where the channeller just writes or says the first things that pop into their head, channellers using “telepathy” supposedly hear the voice of the entity in their head as if they were listening to a conversation. It’s not uncommon for these channellers to also have visions as well. In these cases, assuming the channeller isn’t a fraud, the connection between the fallen angel and the channeller is very strong. This is often the result of a channeller who is deeply-involved with spiritism and the occult and has been under demonic influence for many years.

Similar to the way Christians learn how to listen to the still, small voice of God when we pray, “telepathic” channellers have learned to become attuned to the voices of the fallen angels. This type of channeller eventually develops a bond with these demons that permits frequent and sustained contact. Often one or more specific fallen angels will become “attached” to the channeller in order to provide a consistent narrative and ensure continuity between all the messages. This is sometimes referred to as having a “familiar spirit.”

Keep in mind that within the Spiritual ET community there are earnest channellers, those who genuinely are in communion with fallen entities, fraudsters who are just pretending, and the mentally ill who think they are in communication with ET’s and other spirits but in reality are suffering from a type of psychosis or other medical condition. To those of us outside the Spiritual ET community it can be very difficult to discern the differences between these three different types of channellers.

Caution: If you plan to do your own research into New Age occult practitioners and the Spiritual ET community you should always pray for discernment and guidance before and after. Doing research into these topics exposes you to the messages of fallen angels and if your faith is not rock-solid you are at risk of being deceived yourself. Proceed with the utmost caution when looking into these topics!

Elena Danaan

A prominent figure within the Spiritual ET community is a woman named Elena Danaan. She has written several books, has her own YouTube channel and does frequent guest appearances on a variety of podcasts/shows within the “Great Awakening” and UFO community.

Aside from being a certified pagan priestess (Druidess), she is also a telepathic channeller and alleged “alien abductee” (although she prefers the term “contactee” or “experiencer”). Elena has a colorful and somewhat complicated backstory and if she is to be believed, has been in contact with “extraterrestrials” since her childhood.

Elena claims that when she was 9 years old she was abducted by malevolent “grey aliens” who performed gruesome experiments on her. One night she claims the greys abducted her and were in the process of inserting a brain implant in her when a team of “Tall Nordic” aliens (Pleiadians) suddenly burst into the room, overpowered and killed the grey aliens and recused her. According to Elena’s account, the “Tall Nordic” aliens were part of a military special operations team from the “Galactic Federation” who routinely rescued humans who were abducted by the greys.

(Reality Check: When it comes to the experiences and memories of abductees there are three likely possibilities: the first is that the person was legitimately abducted by fallen angels where the entities posed as extraterrestrials and used their supernatural powers to simulate an advanced alien environment. These are the cases where the victim has physical evidence of their abduction, such as marks on the skin. The second possibility is that the demons simply induced hallucinations in the victim’s mind to create false memories without physically abducting them. Sometimes the victim won’t remember the hallucination until many years later or when they undergo hypnosis. A third case involves a combination of both physical abduction accompanied by induced hallucinations to create such a powerful delusion that the victim feels as if the experience is actually real.)

Elena recalls that her benevolent rescuers tried to remove the implant that the grey aliens put in her brain, but apparently the device was located in such a way that removing it would kill her. Instead, the “Tall Nordic” aliens changed the frequency of the implant so it was tuned to the frequencies used by the friendly “Galactic Federation”. She claims that this implant is what facilitates her telepathic connection to benevolent extraterrestrials. Conveniently, she claims that this implant is not detectable with traditional medical technology because it exists at a “higher frequency” outside the 3rd dimension.

She then explains that her alien “saviors” suppressed her memories of this event throughout her childhood and it wasn’t until she was 18 years old that they decided to “open communications” with her and activate her implant. That’s when she started telepathic communication with her rescuer, an “alien” named Thor Han Eredyon. (Reality Check: The likely scenario is that the demon known as “Thor Han Eredyon” implanted the memories of her childhood abduction and subsequent rescue in order to gain her trust.)

“One day when I was at school, I was eighteen, they activated it. I had several physical contacts in-between, but that day they activated the implant. I felt like suddenly somebody was sticking a nail in my head and I fell on my knees – it was very painful. At the moment I said ‘Ah! That hurts!‘ – it stopped, the pain stopped and I felt this buzzing, like somebody looking for radio frequencies… Suddenly I heard his voice in my head, as clear as being on the phone with someone. He said to me in French (because this was happening in France) ‘Do not worry! We’re just doing some attunements!‘ I knew this voice – I could see in my head that it was this young man with blonde hair, because I had 2 or 3 physical contacts in-between – so I recognized his voice, and I knew it was him and that it was okay.”

Elena Danaan – from episode ‘Extraterrestrial Contact & the Galactic Federation’ on the Exopolitics podcast [transcript edited for brevity and clarity]

All of this probably sounds absolutely ridiculous and most people would dismiss her story as completely fictitious (bat-guano insane). Although it is always possible that Elena is being deceptive and making all of this up, the level of detail she has “channelled” via her alleged implant is astronomical (pardon the pun). Either Elena is a grifting genius with an overactive imagination, or she is legitimately receiving messages from “extraterrestrial” entities. She thinks they are aliens, but in reality they are fallen angels from the spiritual dimension who are using her to prepare the world for the Great Delusion.

In the same interview, Elena goes on to describe the mechanics behind how communication works with her alleged “implant”. One of the telltale signs that her “implant” is just a cover story given to her by the demonic spirits attached to her is that the “implant” is triggered by strong emotions. Demons/fallen angels have the greatest control over our minds when we are in emotional distress and let our guard down.

The fact that Elena thinks her implant is activated by strong emotion is proof that if we let emotions cloud our judgement we are more exposed to demonic influences. What’s even more disturbing is that Elena claims that she’s learned how to initiate contact with her demons on her own. Using essentially the same meditation process mystic channellers use to summon demons, she initiates demonic contact by activating an imaginary brain implant. Although the explanation is different, both “implant” contactees and mystic channellers use the same meditation practices to commune with spiritual entities.

They told me how to activate it. This implant is switched on by an overload of energy, usually it’s emotional charge. That means that if suddenly I’m scared of something, or I have a violent cries of tears when something happens, my body produces electricity and it just switches on – it sends a signal and switches on the implant – and it brings their attention so they connect to see what’s going on.

But then I learned how to do it – to activate it – purposefully, willingly… by producing a big load of energy with Chi magnetism. I’ve been studying Reiki and Qigong (Chi Kung) so I could really understand… I concentrate energy and send it where the implant is and just put all my heart into it and burst it to maximum. Then it “clicks” – I promise I hear “click” – and there’s a kind of background noise and then I’m connected to him – to Thor Han.

Elena Danaan – from episode ‘Extraterrestrial Contact & the Galactic Federation’ on the Exopolitics podcast [transcript edited for brevity and clarity]

Merging the Occult with “Science”

In our modern world of technology and scientific advancement many people are skeptical of mystical occult practices like channelling, astral projection, visions, etc. The fallen angels are intimately familiar with the predominant expectations of the human race – in fact, they have been trying to shape our expectations for thousands of years. They know the kind of deception that will trick the most people on Earth and traditional occult mysticism just isn’t going to cut it anymore. People these days crave scientific explanations for things – Satan and his legion of fallen angels are ready to satisfy that craving.

Human civilization has reached a point in our development where subtle occult influences are not going to be sufficient to deceive the whole world. Now that humanity is so interconnected across the globe, Lucifer needs to put on a big show if he wants to deceive the whole world quickly and convince the masses to break God’s Commandments. COVID was a test-run using the terrestrial situation of a “pandemic”. We all saw how quickly the whole world can be deceived when world governments and media collude to achieve a specific goal.

Elena Danaan’s telepathic “implant” is the perfect example of how fallen angels will merge ancient occult practices with modern day pseudoscience. For the most part, people today still have some doubts about witchcraft and magic, at least being skeptical about their authenticity. Channelling “extraterrestrials” through meditation or other occult methods would be a very hard sell to the general public. However, the public is much more likely to believe an “extraterrestrial message” if it’s received telepathically – especially if the process can be explained using scientific terms about different dimensions, higher frequencies and brain implants.


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