The Occupant – A Preview into the Coming Strong Delusion

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A short film by HUGO KEIJZER, as featured on Omeleto, titled “The Occupant” gives a chilling preview into what the “Strong Delusion” caused by fallen angels, posing as extraterrestrials, might look like in the Last Days. What is really fascinating about this short film is the accuracy (whether intentional or not) of the depiction of the abilities of these “UFO’s”. In the scene that starts around 2:35 we see how the “extraterrestrial” is able to hack into and interfere with the electronic equipment.

As the scene unfolds we see how the “extraterrestrial” is not only able to mimic the voice of the drone operator’s commanding officer, but it appears that they are actually observing her in real-time. When the drone operator is faced with a tough decision and she starts doubting the voice claiming to be her commanding officer, she glances over at a photo of her family. Almost instantly the voice on her radio seems to cue in on that subtle eye movement and starts to pressure her to follow orders to crash the drone: “don’t you want your family to see you again?

Thankfully by the end of this short film the drone operator realizes that something is wrong about the voice that’s impersonating her commander on the radio and she decides to do what she knows is right, not what her senses are telling her she should do. The same deception is going to be used in the Last Days. Fallen angels will impersonate a wide range of people, including our friends, family and loved ones. They will attempt to deceive people by teaching a new doctrine, one that undermines the very foundation of Christianity. The delusion will be very strong and Christians need to be spiritually prepared for scenarios like the one depicted in this short film: do we believe our senses and do things even if we know they are wrong, or do we stand firm in our faith and do what we know is right, even if it’s contrary to what our senses are telling us?

There’s also an interesting analysis of this short film by the YouTube channel called Strange Normal that covers this film from a Biblical Christian perspective.


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