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When we look around this world it’s easy to get bogged down and overwhelmed by the magnitude of sin and evil. Sometimes it can feel really discouraging to see how many people are listening to the whispers of the enemy. However, it’s important to keep perspective and remember that no matter how powerful Lucifer and his legions appear to be, Christ is more powerful than all of them combined and will ultimately be victorious over sin and death!

As we approach the Last Days, the time is coming when the Restrainer will be removed and Lucifer will be permitted to launch his grand UFO/alien deception against the world1. Lucifer and the fallen angels have been very busy lately whipping up excitement and anticipation amongst the New Agers, Spiritual ET communities and UFO enthusiasts. However, on the flip side, the Holy Spirit has been working even harder in the hearts of Christian believers who love God and obey His Commandments.

The world is increasingly accepting “aliens” as a mainstream topic and it is becoming a decreasingly taboo subject in society. In the hearts and minds of lukewarm/asleep Christians, the Holy Spirit is pleading with them to wake up and to recognize the coming Great Delusion for what it soon will be. I have been greatly encouraged over the past year to see a growing number of Christians from all walks of life coming to the conclusion that UFO’s and “aliens” are in fact demonic in nature.

Our faith is about to be tested in ways we never thought possible. We’ve all read stories about Christian martyrs in the Dark Ages and wondered how our faith would hold up if we were in their place. The social pressures, isolation, financial ruin, physical pain and prospect of a horrible death – the persecution of the Old World is going to come back in a new, re-imagined way in modern society. The comfortable Christian lifestyle will be abruptly shattered and we will all be faced with trials and situations our ancestors couldn’t even dream of.

When allegedly benevolent “aliens” suddenly show up, in the midst of a world in chaos, and start dismantling all religious institutions, how many “Christians” will leave the faith when they put the screws to them? It will all seem so logical. You’ll be asked how you can deny what your senses are telling you. How can we argue theology with these extraterrestrial “experts” who seem so advanced not just technologically, but also spiritually?

Here’s the trick: don’t argue with the “aliens”. There is nothing Lucifer and the fallen angels want more than to draw faithful Christians into theological debates. The fallen angels have been around for thousands of years. Don’t underestimate their knowledge of the Scriptures. They are super-intelligent and also super-evil. If they can draw you into a debate they will find any weakness in your faith and attempt to exploit it until you start to doubt everything you thought you believed. Ignore them, rebuke them, flee from them, but do not seek them out for a discussion or debate. There’s a reason Christ warned us not to look for false Messiahs:

See, I have told you in advance. So if they tell you, ‘There He is in the wilderness,’ do not go out; or, ‘Here He is in the inner rooms,’ do not believe it.

Matthew 24:25-26

Yet, do not remain silent about your faith amongst each other. Although I warn you not to engage in discussions and debates with the fallen angels masquerading as “extraterrestrials” I implore you to speak up and continue sharing the Gospel message among the rest of the human world. The fallen angels have already grieved away any hope of forgiveness, but Salvation is still available to mankind, right up until just prior to the Second Coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus (Yeshua/Yahshua) Christ. We must not abandon our sacred duty to spread the Good News throughout the world, right up until the very end.

Recently a Christian YouTube channel posted a video where he opened up about his own experience with a UFO. Normally I don’t encourage people to read the comments section of YouTube, but in this case I highly recommend you take a look. As of writing this article his video has almost 2000 comments, the vast majority from fellow believers opening up about their own experiences with these fallen angels masquerading as “aliens”.

End Times Productions

Ah! For once, someone is bold enough to reflect my own beliefs about this subject. I was a field investigator for MUFON until I gained access to the database. What changed my mind were the “abduction” cases. I noticed that most had one thing in common: they ended the experience by speaking the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Once they spoke His name, these.. ‘things’ scattered like flies! All sorts of questions started to arise.

First of all, how and why would a “benign being from Zeta Reticulum fear or even know His name? Only a demon would have that kind of fear! Our Lord tells us not to be afraid of Him but ‘fear’ the Father. Ya don’t have to be a genius to connect those dots, do ya? When I questioned why we weren’t getting this info out to our members. Know what I was told? “..well, then we wouldn’t be needed, would we?” Do you believe that?! I quickly resigned and my entire view changed. All that response did was strengthen my suspicions that I had stumbled onto the real answer to what ‘they’ are.

I have always been a believer but had an interest in the phenomenon. I was, like so many others that began to ask questions around that time, began connecting said dots. Everything started to make sense and the pieces began to fall into place. These are the same old beings, playing the same old games but now have a high tech paint job to match the times. Why would spiritual beings need a hybridization program? (“As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the return of the Son of Man.”) Like then, they need new vessels to ‘mingle’ among the flesh. Everyone here understands this. It just baffles me that people are oblivious to the deception.. the GRAND deception, as the bible calls it.

This is only one of many signs that are right in front of us yet people call us “fanatics” in that “Jesus cult”. Yeah, that sounds.. cute, doesn’t it? As for ‘meditation’, I know people that push this ‘form of relaxation’ as they call it. It is not relaxing and it is a gateway for entities to gain control. But, people love that eastern mysticism don’t they? Why? Because it tells them what they WANT to hear, not what they NEED to hear. People hate the truth because they don’t want to face it. Jesus is truth in the purest form so they mock the only real friend we have in this world. How ironic. One wouldn’t mock their own friends and I just never understood why people can’t give the Lord 5 minutes to hear Him out! After what He did for them, giving His own life? God is very practical, sensible and the highest in efficiency. He kept it very simple for idiots like me to “get it”. Even kids understand because He wants us to approach as children. Very good video worth sharing and you are spot on as to what these things are..

YouTube Comment by Duane McClure


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