Christian Idolatry

by | Jul 16, 2022 | Videos | 2 comments

Fallen angels are defiling Christian churches through the avenue of necromancy, which is rooted in the deceptive belief that man has an immortal soul that lives on after death. Thus, a belief in the immortal soul constitutes idolatry through necromancy.

The belief in an immediate resurrection (going straight to Heaven/Hell/Afterlife) after death gives fallen angels the opportunity to impersonate the dead in order to deceive the living.

Think about the consequences of being on the wrong side of the “state of the dead” debate: if we believe that death is an unconscious sleep until the Second Coming and we’re wrong then we’ll simply be corrected when we meet Christ and at worst we’ve just spent our lives being overly cautious. However, if you believe in the “immortal soul” you are at risk of losing your eternal salvation by the deception of fallen angels impersonating the dead – a key component of the coming Great Delusion.

Keep yourselves guarded against deception: consider the possibility that death is nothing more than an unconscious sleep.


  1. duckyack

    The God you paint is punishing, vengeful, and rage filled, and is not one, whom you also claim, loves His children unconditionally. Humanity has been manipulated for eons and we have never had a chance or the knowledge to know how to be what God wants us to be. Ministers lie and divert their congregations toward the desires of Lucifer out of corruption or from not knowing any better. The average person who has a faith in God does the best that he can while navigating the deceitful waters of the countless churches and their leadership. Relying upon the Bible is another avenue in which we are misdirected and outright lied to, the Vatican having hidden the majority of Gospels in the basement with all of the other truths hidden from humanity. So many lies. And now this, the belief that the soul is immortal is somehow necromancy?

    • Eiran

      You’ve given me a great idea for a future blog post where hopefully I can help dispel some of the misconceptions you seem to harbor against Yahweh and Christians in general. I certainly can sympathize with where you are coming from, I’ve been there. Having only a superficial understanding of the Biblical story can certainly leave some uncomfortable questions and over time the Adversary will exploit your weaknesses to completely undermine your faith.

      You also need to be very careful about the pursuit of “hidden knowledge”. That Gnostic mindset places you in the perfect position to be deceived by the Adversary. Although the current 66 books of the Bible are the result of centuries of man-made manipulation, translation and interpretation I believe that God is more powerful than the Adversary and despite the ill-intensions of man to suppress or distort the Word of God, Yahweh has acted to preserve the core story of the Bible, the critical narrative that stretches from Creation to Judgement Day, the story of Salvation by Jesus Christ.

      If you’ve never heard of it or watched their materials before, I’d highly recommend taking a look at the Bible Project. They’re non-denominational and have a real knack for tackling some of the uncomfortable or difficult aspects of the Bible, such as the misconceptions about God being a rage-filled psychopath. There’s also a good book called “How Not to Read the Bible” by Dan Kimball that also addresses some of the misconceptions you mentioned.

      I hope these resources help you in your spiritual journey. It’s not my job to convince you of the Truth. I can only present it to you and pray that you listen to the Holy Spirit to fully understand the Truth.

      God Bless


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