God’s Kingdom verses the Galactic Federation

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If this is the first article you’re reading on this website you may want some quick background on my position regarding extraterrestrial life. I’ll summarize the main points below:

  • I believe God created many different non-human intelligent creatures before He created humanity
  • There are a species of extraterrestrials that are humanoid who I refer to as the “Sons of God”
  • The Sons of God are the angles (messengers) who interacted with humans throughout the Bible
  • At some point before humanity was created, a faction of the Sons of God rebelled against the Kingdom of God
  • The insurrectionary Sons of God also recruited many of God’s other non-human intelligent creatures to join them in their rebellion
  • The insurrection was based on the principle of self-worship instead of selflessness
  • This planet Earth existed before humanity and was home to the Sons of God
  • The rebellion against the Kingdom of Heaven caused immense destruction and eventually caused the surface of the Earth of be destroyed in a planet-wide flood, Earth likely being the seat of government for the rebellion
  • In addition to the original Earth being destroyed, God also exiled all of the insurrectionists, revoking their citizenship within the Kingdom
  • God re-created the surface of the Earth and created humans to be the new regents (rules) of this planet, supplanting the rebellious Sons of God
  • Early on in our rule however, Adam and Eve were deceived into following the rebellious Sons of God in their insurrection
  • This caused humanity to abdicate much of our authority on Earth to the rebel Sons of God, who disputed our right to reign here
  • God incarnated as a physical human (Jesus Christ, aka Yahshua) in order to restore rightful regency of Earth back to humanity, rebuffing the disputed claims of the insurrectionists
  • The rebellious Sons of God and other non-human intelligent creatures have been engaged in a war for the hearts of humanity – they want to convince us to reject Christ God as the King and join them in self-worship
  • Yahshua Christ will return soon to judge the Earth and put an end to this ancient rebellion that has caused so much pain, misery and death within the Kingdom of God
  • Just prior to Christ’s return, the rebel Sons of God will attempt to deceive humanity by posing as benevolent extraterrestrials and will teach humanity to worship ourselves.
  • Humans who remain loyal to the Kingdom of God in this life will be resurrected into perfect, uncorrupted bodies to live and reign forever in God’s Kingdom as royal Sons of God
  • Our experiences during this short lifetime on this sinful Earth will help us stem the rise of sinful ideation from ever happening again amongst any citizens of God’s Kingdom, now or far into the distant future (in other words, Christ’s sacrifice for humanity, and our testimony of Christ’s love will be the antidote against sin and will ensure an eternity of peace in God’s Kingdom)

One important thing to realize is that there are many different factions involved with humanity. There are Sons of God (humanoid extraterrestrials, we can refer to them as our “elder siblings” in God’s royal family) and other intelligent creatures. These other intelligent creatures are (or were) citizens in God’s Kingdom and enjoy all the blessings and richness of that Kingdom. Think of a medieval kingdom: the monarch and their royal family were responsible for the reign and management of affairs within their kingdom. However, there were also advisors, noblemen, warriors, regular citizens and servants within their kingdom as well. Our human kingdoms were a reflection of God’s Kingdom that operates in much the same way.

Just like earthly kingdoms of the past, God’s Kingdom was also subjected to war and conflict. This isn’t because God is imperfect or created flawed creatures, rather it is because God created all intelligent beings with the capacity for free will. This ability to make independent choices blesses us with the ability to love, but it also opens the door for choices that are against the Law of God. What is that Law? Put simply – it is to love God and to love each other – to live selflessly. When Lucifer chose to disobey that Law he started a violent rebellion that tore apart not just God’s royal family (humanoid Sons of God), but also divided the non-humanoid citizens of the Kingdom.

Today humanity is caught in the middle of this war between the Kingdom of God and the Galactic Federation (known by many names, the “Intergalactic Confederation” is another variation). The forms of government between these two civilizations are fundamentally different. In God’s Kingdom, Christ reigns as King; it’s a monarchy and the citizens are subject to the Will of the Monarch. In the Galactic Federation, the rebel Sons of God have established a form of democracy where the citizens are subject to the will of the majority.

Modern readers may stumble on that last paragraph. Wait, isn’t democracy superior to monarchy? The Galactic Federation sounds like it’s being run like the ideal forms of government that we’re taught about today. Isn’t democracy and self-rule a good thing? If you had this reaction it’s important to recognize that you’ve been conditioned to believe that “democracy is good” and that monarchy is a tyrannical evil (Americans especially). In human terms, both forms of government have demonstrated horrors. Selfish kings and queens terrorized and brutally subjugated their citizens and foreigners alike. On the other side, modern democracies have likewise demonstrated that the same selfish atrocities previously committed by royalty can just as easily be committed by a majority of citizens against the minority. We like to think that constitutions and republics prevent tyrannical abuses, but the majority will always find a way to inflict their will on the minority, regardless of any safeguards. From the sinful human perspective, both forms of government share the same tyrannical tendencies.

The difference between human kingdoms and the Kingdom of Heaven has to do with the nature of the one who sits on the throne. Imperfect humans, who are sinful and inclined to selfishness, are not to be likened to a loving, perfect and omnipotent God. Since God is perfect, He can execute true justice and we can be assured that His Law of selflessness is in the best interest of every citizen of the Kingdom. Democracies, even those of supposedly “enlightened” civilizations, like those who rebelled against God, are fickle forms of government, constantly subjected to the emotional sway of its citizens and always susceptible to corruption and injustice.

How to tell the “Good Guys” from the “Bad Guys”

In recent months there has been a great deal of activity surrounding the topic of “disclosure”. Whistleblowers are testifying in front of Congress, legislators are demanding transparency from the Deep State, and the public is enthralled with the drama. Some Christians are painting the whole thing as a psy-op, or trying to explain away all UFO activity as “demons”. We all need to be especially careful in this regard. For too long angels from the Bible have been “spiritualized” away into non-physical, supernatural, etheric beings. As I’ve covered before, angels from the Bible were definitely physical beings who could be touched, ate, wrestled and engaged in all sorts of other physical activities.

So, once we get past the notion that angels are only “spiritual beings” we can come to understand that we’re dealing with many different factions of extraterrestrial beings. Some are humanoid (angels, Sons of God), others may be completely alien (non-human intelligent life that God created). Within these two main groups there are two main factions – the group that remains loyal to the Kingdom of God (the righteous/holy), and the group that joined Lucifer in his rebellion against the Kingdom (the fallen).

In the not-so-distant future humanity is going to be faced with a choice. When supposedly benevolent extraterrestrials unveil themselves to humanity they are going to bring a message. Pay close attention to what that message will be. They will fill our ears with lovely words of how special humanity is, about our dormant abilities and our eternal souls/consciousness’s. They’ll teach humanity not to worship a “higher deity” but to focus our worship (attention) inward, on ourselves. They’ll teach humanity how each human is a fractal of “Source/Creator” and that means that we are gods in our own right and should not worship anyone else.

In order for humanity to join these benevolent extraterrestrials in their democracy, the Galactic Federation, we’ll need to make a choice. This choice will be veiled in deceptive language about “raising our vibration”, “ascending to a higher dimension” and/or “increasing our frequency” in order to be compatible with the rest of our extraterrestrial brethren. Do not be deceived! If you follow the guidance of the Galactic Federation you will be pledging your loyalty to a regime that is at war against the Kingdom of God.

I don’t know to what extent messengers from the Kingdom of God will be directly involved with humanity after the revealing of the Galactic Federation. It’s possible that God will dispatch His own warriors and messengers to counter the message that the fallen angels and their compatriots will bring to humanity. This possibility means that Christians will need to use discernment. We can’t necessarily paint all extraterrestrials as fallen angels. Some are, but others may be loyal to the Kingdom of God and are here to assist the saints.

So how do we tell the bad guys from the good guys when this time comes? Test them by their message. If their message is all about “love”, “light” and the worship of yourself, you’re dealing with the “bad guys”. However, if their message is about loyalty to the King of the Universe then you’re dealing with one of the “good guys”. No doubt things will be much more nuanced than that, but that is why you need to start praying for discernment NOW, so that when the rebellious Sons of God reveal themselves and try to convince humanity to join the Galactic Federation, you’ll be mentally and spiritually prepared to counter their seductive message and stand firm as a loyal subject of God’s Eternal Kingdom!

To learn more about the background of the fallen Sons of God I highly suggest reading Timothy Alberino’s book called Birthright.


  1. Dennis

    You say, “They’ll teach humanity how each human is a fractal of “Source/Creator” and that means that we are gods in our own right and should not worship anyone else.”

    Are we not gods, according to scripture? Psalm 82:6, “We are all gods and children of the Most High”.

    So, you are wrong and we are gods in our own right. That is what the battle issue is about. All ETs and beings of every sort know there is a Most High and also know created beings are gods too. Perhaps you should re-work your essay.

    • Eiran

      Not all of what the rebellious Sons of God will teach will be incorrect. We are made in the image of God, and your scripture reference proves that. However, it is the “therefore” that we must be on guard against.

      Like I wrote, they’ll teach humanity how we’re gods (we are members of God’s royal family, it’s true), but then they’ll say “therefore you should worship yourself”.

      We all know the Adversary are experts in mixing truth with lies to lead us astray.

      Btw, I really enjoyed the struggle the characters in your book had with regards to this very question of “godhood”.


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