Debunking Two Different Gods in the Bible

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One of the trends I’ve noticed lately from “spiritual ET” contactees such as Elena Danaan, is a focus on attacking the God of the Bible. A favorite tactic is to claim that the the Yahweh of the Old Testament is not the same entity as the Father of Christ in the New Testament. These New Age propagandists go on to claim that Yahweh of the Old Testament is an evil, sadistic extraterrestrial called “Enlil” and that Christ’s Father in the New Testament is a benevolent ET genetic scientist called “Enki”. (Note: there is no actual evidence to prove that God, Yahweh of the Old Testament, was the ancient Summerian deity known as Enlil. The reason New Agers are making this claim is because to the casual Biblical observer they don’t understand the context of some of the harsher Old Testament passages so they dip into the bag of ancient near-east mythologies, such as the Annunaki, and mix the stories together to produce a narrative that fits their worldview.)

To non-Christians, it’s easy on a first glance of the Bible to incorrectly perceive two different figures as “God” between the Old and New Testaments. As Christians, we should be familiar with the difficult passages in the Old Testament and how they contrast with Christ’s lessons in the New Testament. Defaming the character and identity of our Father, Yahweh, will be a key component of the Great Delusion. This strategy will be aimed particularly at undermining the faith of Christians in order to try to deceive us into believing the lies that Lucifer and his legion of rebels will bring to humanity.

Notice the pattern of these New Age propagandists: the only religion they insist on attacking wholeheartedly is Christianity. They don’t bother to really attack the deities of Buddhism, Paganism, Hinduism or Islam. Those religions are already perfectly compatible with the coming Great Delusion and don’t need any propaganda campaign to prepare adherents. No, only Christians pose a real threat to their coming machinations because we know the Truth about who the extraterrestrials are and what they intend to do.

So I’m going to provide a few different videos below to help Christians reinforce our faith and be better prepared to defend against the defamation of God’s character that is aimed at undermining our belief. I hope these will be a blessing and will serve you well in the coming Great Delusion:

*Disclaimer: These are a sampling of compelling videos relevant to this topic. I don’t necessarily endorse other theological positions the creators of these videos may also hold.


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