Was Yahweh a Demon-God in the Old Testament?

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A popular claim amongst New Agers and those in the Spiritual ET community is that the God of the Old Testament, Yahweh, was actually an evil entity, possibly a malevolent extraterrestrial. Sometimes they call Him Enlil or try to attributes Him to other deities of the ancient world. Others claim that there were two different “Gods” in the Bible and that the “Father” who Jesus refers to in the New Testament is a completely different entity than the Yahweh of the Old Testament. All of the reasons and evidence used to support these theories are either proof-texted (selectively cherry-picking scripture and taking it out of context in order to fraudulently prove a point) or are simply based on wild speculation and gnostic fabrications.

This video succinctly refutes the increasingly popular theory that the Old Testament Christian God was really a desert demon or a negative extraterrestrial:

The following video is also a good rebuttal to the claim that there are two different Gods between the Old and New Testament:

Both of these videos (each less than 12 minutes) do a great job in debunking the claims that Yahweh was some sort of demon desert god, or that there were two different “Gods” in the Old and New Testaments. I’m not necessarily endorsing either of these channels as a whole though, since both have some pretty substantial theological stances that I disagree with. However, on this particular topic they are spot-on – so credit where credit is due.

Many in the New Age and the spiritual ET community are desperate to convince Christians, and for the most part only Christians, that the God of the Bible, Yahweh, is a malevolent extraterrestrial. They’ll go on to reason that the reason Yahweh demanded to be worshipped alone and not part of a pantheon of gods isn’t because He was the One True God, but rather because He was just jealous and manipulative. Moreover, these critics will eventually reveal their final lesson/take-away: you are God in your own right.

The whole purpose of why New Agers and spiritual ET enthusiasts are hell-bent on convincing Christians that Yahweh isn’t God is to persuade you to worship yourself instead. Don’t be deceived – trust in God, Yahweh, believe in His Son Jesus, Yahshua, and repent of your sins. You are not a god. You are not God. You do not comprise some fractal piece of God or “Source”. You are a child of God, His creation, living in a fallen world, fallible and susceptible to temptation and sin. We must humble ourselves, recognizing our fallen condition and accepting our need for Jesus’ redeeming power so that one day we might become citizens of God’s Kingdom and live forever in service to Jesus Christ our King.


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