The New Age Movement and the UFO Phenomenon

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And so my view is that Jordan Maxwell ends up promoting the New World Order. In that particular session he goes on to say that a “bad time” is coming, but that time must come in order for it to be destroyed to bring about the birth of the New World Order: out of chaos comes order. So he was saying that the old system must be destroyed for the new system to come. And that is exactly what the double-headed phoenix rising out of the ashes is all about.

The old system of the New World Order is what we see building up all around us. It is going to get really, really bad, but it is going to be destroyed, in a sense, because that “faucet” is being run by evil. We all know the things that are happening to the world right now are being done because of evil. So evil is causing all these things and evil can turn the “faucet” off at just the right time in order to make it seem like whoever stopped it, “stopped it” and therefore is the savior. So that new system will seem like the utopia that Jordan Maxwell says that we all need to wait for. It’s interesting that he says that at that time, that’s when the “aliens” or “gods” are coming back to stop it. That’s the deception. That’s what the people, the occultists, have been saying for a long time.

Chris White, Christian Researcher on the Occult and New Age

Most people are familiar with the term “New World Order”, but did you know there are actually two distinct NWO’s? This documentary explains how the first is the one that is currently being built by the Luciferians, pedophile elites, globalist politicians and central bankers (collectively known as “The Cabal”). The second NWO is one that has yet to emerge, but will soon be ushered in through the destruction of the first NWO. Unlike the first NWO, the coming NWO will be built by Lucifer posing as an extraterrestrial (Biblically known as the “Man of Lawlessness”) in league with New Age occultists.

The current NWO system is being run by evil humans. Those humans are being directed and supported by fallen angels, the same fallen angels that will eventually betray them when the next system is ready to be implemented. This first NWO is designed to fail. It’s designed to ruin the lives of billions of people and to bring about immense pain and suffering. Through the first NWO, The Cabal will benefit at the expense of the rest of humanity.

That’s where the second “New World Order” system comes into play. Upon the arrival of the “aliens” (fallen angels) they will take credit for exposing the first NWO system and will allegedly side with humanity against The Cabal. The “aliens” will usher in what seems to be a utopia, overthrowing the old system they helped build, and establishing a new dazzling system that will attempt to unite humanity.

Through all of this it’s critical for you to remember that the ultimate goal of the extraterrestrials is to discredit Christianity by supplanting legitimate worship of God with a false worship. The fallen angels won’t explicitly try to make humanity worship them directly, that’s too obvious. Instead, they will attempt to undermine Christianity by enticing people to worship anybody or anything other than God, primarily through self-worship (meditation), the desecration of the Biblical seventh-day Sabbath, and to compel false Sunday worship.

Do not be led astray when the so-called “aliens” come from the skies and bring a message of peace, love and harmony. They will perform great signs and wonders (advanced science and technology) and try to deceive even the most devoted Christian. Only those with faith built upon the Rock will be able to withstand this coming Great Delusion.

While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 ESV


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