Climate Sunday: The Beginning of Evil

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In November 2020 a new organization emerged in the aftermath of the COVID-19 lockdowns: The Climate Sunday Initiative. Currently this organization is limited to just the United Kingdom region, but its mission is headed down a dark path in the days ahead.

As we approach the End of Days, Jesus warned us to expect a variety of natural disasters. The onset of these catastrophes would be like birth pangs: occasional and random, then increasing frequency and magnitude. Instead of observing these natural disasters and correctly interpreting them as signs of Jesus’ Second Coming, Christian churches are jumping on the “Climate Change” bandwagon in an attempt to stop the birth pangs Jesus warned us about!

Mankind’s hubris to assume we can “fix” the Earth’s climate is staggering. When Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels arrive as extraterrestrial saviors, they will capitalize on the Climate Change movement in order to drive their demonic agenda.

Below is a quote from the Climate Sunday Initiative’s first blog post:

The drop in greenhouse gas emissions during the economic shut down will make no real difference long term if we return to business as usual.

The Climate Sunday Initiative

There was a noticeable drop in greenhouse gas emissions during the peak of the COVID-19 economic shutdown across the world in 2020, and Climate Change alarmists are salivating to make that happen again. Unfortunately, the truth is that the COVID-19 economic lockdowns were a disaster. Businesses went bankrupt, millions of people lost their jobs, domestic abuse skyrocketed with people forced to share a living space with their abusers, and the psychological effects dramatically increased drug and alcohol abuse, leading to untold overdoses, suicides and health problems. The fact that some people want to return to the COVID-style lockdowns in the name of “Climate Change” is deeply disturbing.

After The Arrival of Lucifer and his legion of fallen extraterrestrial angels, the Climate Sunday movement will likely find a new ally. Christian churches worldwide will start participating in the Climate Sunday initiative. Not only will the churches be worshiping on the wrong day (Sunday instead of the seventh-day Sabbath), the messages being preached will no longer focus on the Gospel message. Instead, apostate pastors and priests will give sermons focused on “healing the planet” and “environmental stewardship”.

As the natural disasters accelerate in the Last Days, the “extraterrestrials” will endorse Climate Sundays as a solution. They will provide supposed “evidence” that there is a psychic bond between humanity and planet Earth, and that the increasing natural disasters are a direct result of humanity’s conflict amongst ourselves. Sunday worship in the form of “Climate Sundays” will become not only mainstream, but eventually mandatory. Politicians, under pressure from groups like the Climate Sunday Initiative, will cave to public pressure and begin enacting Sunday-keeping laws to promote nature-worship and restrict economic activity on Sundays. Anyone caught violating the new slate of Sunday-keeping laws will be punished with the full force of the government.

What we are seeing now with the Climate Sunday Initiative is just the beginning of an incredibly evil system that will be weaponized against Sabbath-keeping Christians during the Tribulation period.

Visit the Climate Sunday website and keep tabs on this doctrine of the Devil.


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