The Tomorrow War – A War Against Sabbath-Keepers

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*Potential Spoilers Ahead*

A recently-released scifi film called The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime has been rising in popularity lately. The basic premise of the movie is that in the 2050’s humanity is fighting a losing battle against a vicious alien species that hunts and eats humans. The only solution is to use experimental time-travel technology to conscript humans from the 2020’s to jump to the future and help fight in this future war.

Now, we should all know that high-budget films like this are loaded with subliminal messaging intended to “program” mankind to accept certain narratives. Science fiction films especially are part of Lucifer’s plan to acclimate humanity to the eventual arrival of space aliens (fallen angels) who will pose as the saviors of the world. If you haven’t already read The Arrival and Paradigm Shift sections of this website I recommend you take a look as they explain how Lucifer plans to implement the Strong Delusion in the Last Days.

(Again, potential spoilers ahead)

Aside from the obvious conditioning to normalize the idea of “aliens” and glorify a globalist-run Military Industrial Complex, The Tomorrow War contains a subtle and fairly unnecessary story element: the seventh-day Sabbath.

When I was watching this film I was caught off-guard as soon as I heard the topic of the seventh-day Sabbath come up in a secular scifi film. In this movie the vicious aliens have a unique hibernation cycle: every 7 days they go back into their nests and rest. This gives the surviving humans one day every week to stop running/fighting the alien monsters and regroup. The movie even goes as far to refer to this 7th day hibernation cycle as “The Sabbath”, thus subconsciously associating Sabbath-keeping with brutal, human-eating alien monsters.

There isn’t a clear reason or purpose in the plotline to explain why the movie writers chose to make the aliens rest every 7 days, nor why they chose to refer to their 7th day rest cycle as “The Sabbath”. The movie itself is devoid of any other religious or faith-based references. The only other excuse for this plot element is to explain why the tour of duty for conscripted soldiers is only seven days. The writers could have chosen any number of days/weeks/months/years for the alien hibernation cycle, but they intentionally chose to associate the 7th day Sabbath with these horrific alien creatures. This begs the question of “why”.

If we approach this question knowing the following then this choice by the movie’s writers makes a lot more sense:
1. In the Last Days Lucifer will seek to demonize seventh-day Sabbath-keepers
2. Fallen angels will pose as alien saviors to humanity
3. Lucifer needs humanity scared and desperate so they accept the “alien salvation”
4. The endgame of Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels is to make Christians disobey God’s Commandments

The subliminal message in The Tomorrow War demonizing the 7th-day Sabbath isn’t very subtle to those who are awake and paying attention.

We could try to give the movie’s anti-Sabbath plotline the benefit of the doubt and deduce that the murderous aliens destroying humanity are God’s punishment against a world that’s forgotten Him. After all, there is a parallel between the ancient Babylonian Empire in the Bible and the “White Spike” aliens in The Tomorrow War. When God established the nation of Israel He gave them very specific instructions about how they were supposed to let their fields lie fallow every seven years. This agricultural instruction was given so that the Israelites wouldn’t over-farm their land and deplete the nutrients in the soil. However, Israel failed to follow God’s instructions and eventually God punished them by giving them into the hands of the Babylonians to be carried off into exile.

The land enjoyed its sabbath rests; all the time of its desolation it rested, until the seventy years were completed in fulfillment of the word of the Lord spoken by Jeremiah.

2 Chronicles 36:21

Taken in the context of the modern Christian church, Sabbath-keeping has either been corrupted into Sunday-keeping or blatantly ignored altogether. Only a few select Christian denominations still keep the seventh-day Sabbath holy. Some might look at this movie’s subliminal anti-Sabbath message and see the vicious aliens as a punishment against humanity for desecrating the Sabbath and that the alien’s seven-day hibernation cycle is God’s way of forcing humanity to keep Sabbath. This parallels the way that Israel was defeated and carried off into exile by Babylon (a Godless and heathen nation). In The Tomorrow War you could say that humanity as a whole is being punished by Sabbath-keeping aliens for our generations of evil and Godlessness.

(Seriously, major spoilers ahead)

This perspective to excuse the anti-Sabbath plotline falls apart when we analyze the movie’s climax. If the subliminal message of the alien “Sabbath” was genuinely supposed to portray God’s punishment against a world that’s turned its back on Him, then the final conclusion should point to some sort of repentance, particularly for our failure to observe the 7th-day Sabbath rest. Instead, the movie concludes with the humans using their own intellect and technology to develop a toxin that literally melts the Sabbath-keeping aliens from the inside out.

In other words, the movie’s subliminal message is that Sabbath-keeping is a grotesque “alien” habit and that humanity will need to rise up against the horrible Sabbath-keepers and defeat them through global unity and technology. Hmmm, I wonder what this subliminal message could be used for in the near future…

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