Alien Salvation False Flag

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The UFO and Disclosure community has recently started to peddle the narrative that the Deep State is planning a “false flag” alien invasion of Earth in order to drum up their authoritarian political powers and usher in a sinister New World Order. In recent weeks, a long-time Disclosure advocate, Dr. Steven Greer, has been pushing his followers to be on the lookout for a fake -and hostile- extraterrestrial invasion, orchestrated by evil Deep State actors.

Although Dr. Greer is one of the loudest voices in the UFO community sounding the alarm to watch out for a fabricated hostile alien invasion, he’s far from the only one. Across many of the Internet’s UFO communities people have been speculating wildly about how the dark elements in government are going to try to sabotage humanity’s “Great Awakening” by launching a false flag alien attack. This particular conspiracy theory has gained so much traction amongst UFO enthusiasts that it has almost become something of a cliché.

Perhaps noticing the attention the “hostile alien invasion” theory was gaining, one UFO enthusiast, Dr. Michael Salla, has recently offered an alternative viewpoint – the false flag may not be a hostile alien invasion, but a false alien salvation.

According to Dr. Salla:

What could happen here is a kind of bait-and-switch where everyone is anticipating an alien false flag invasion, and getting ready to oppose that. At the same time, what is really being planned by the Deep State is this “alien salvation” event where you actually have aliens being presented as humanity’s saviors, bringing advanced technologies, solutions to health problems, solutions to environmental problems, solutions to global poverty, solutions to rampant Nationalism. This could be something that could be unfolded and would catch a lot of UFO researchers off-guard because they have not been prepared for that.

So I think on the whole, The Cosmic Hoax does a very valuable job educating people about the possibility of a false flag alien invasion. Where the Cosmic Hoax falls down, I believe, is that it really doesn’t alert people to the possibility that we could have this “alien salvation” event that could be a false flag event as well – trying to trick humanity into accepting extraterrestrials as saviors, who in fact are malevolent – are in fact deceiving humanity.

Dr. Michael Salla

Dr. Salla does not profess to be a Bible-believing Christian, but he may have accidentally stumbled across a kernel of truth anyway. We know from the Bible and Holy Spirit revelation, that Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels will engage in a “Strong Delusion” campaign by simulating an extraterrestrial arrival just prior to Jesus’ Second Coming.

Although correct in his general analysis, Dr. Salla is still coming by this revelation from the wrong angle by assuming that there are both “good” and “bad” aliens. His theory is that the “alien salvation” event is being fabricated by elements in the Deep State in order to lure humanity into a dark New World Order using the carrot instead of the stick. The reality though, is that fallen angels will be posing as our “space brothers”, not actors within the Deep State.

The important element to understand here is the different end goals. In Dr. Salla’s opinion, the “alien salvation” is fake because he expects that at the end of the day, the ultimate goal will be to enslave humanity. Those sympathetic to the “alien salvation” theory will initially be suspicious of our alien saviors and will be expecting the other shoe to drop. The sinister thing about Lucifer’s Great Delusion plan is that in order for it to succeed he doesn’t need to turn the tables and threaten humanity with annihilation. All he has to do is lure humanity away from obeying God’s Commandments. He’ll convince people to love (worship) themselves and to break the seventh-day Sabbath by worshipping exclusively on Sundays.

This is the Mark of the Beast, and this is the ultimate goal of the “aliens”. Lucifer and the fallen angels are waging a spiritual war against humanity and their end-game is to deprive God of as many citizens in His Kingdom as possible. Those who fall for the Mark of the Beast will perish, but those who keep God’s Commandments will receive the Seal of God and enter into eternal life!

It’s not enough to simply be suspicious of the coming “alien salvation”. You also need to understand that Lucifer’s goal is to spiritually distract humanity from obeying God’s Commandments. Lucifer and the fallen angels know they are destined to perish in the Lake of Fire and they intend to take as many humans with them as they can. The only way to avoid perishing in the Lake of Fire is to accept Jesus Christ as your savior, repent of your sins, and obey God’s Commandments.


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