Meritology Part 1: The Psuedo-Religous Worship of Science and Experts

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The COVID “pandemic” is coming up on its two-year mark and in hindsight we can observe some truly disturbing trends that have emerged. One of the most shocking of these trends is the meteoric rise of so-called “experts” in the media spotlight and their role in shaping public policy for bureaucrats. Most people don’t have a degree in virology, infectious diseases or even professional experience in the healthcare industry. When the media and government started hyping up a new, dangerous and mysterious disease coming from Wuhan, China in 2020, we turned to the experts in the medical field to provide insight into how we should react.

Unfortunately, for many decades the vast majority of the medical industry has been bought-and-paid-for by big pharmaceutical companies and corrupt politicians. When the public asked the medical industry for advice about this new disease their answers weren’t informed by true science. Instead, medical “experts” spewed whatever they thought would get them more grant money and enlarge their paychecks. Power-hungry bureaucrats could then enact whatever tyrannical rules they wanted because they were given the blessing from the high priests of medical science.

Sadly, the majority of people around the world completely acquiesced to the horrors of lockdowns, forced quarantines, mask mandates, COVID passports and vaccine mandates. People put all their faith and trust in wolves wearing white lab coats. “Contact Tracers” became the modern-day equivalent of Spanish Inquisitors in a new “COVID Inquisition”. Even more disturbing is that ordinary people who “trusted the experts” and “followed the science” became the foot soldiers for the Medical-Industrial-Complex and would shamelessly snitch on neighbors, friends and family who violated the COVID mandates.

Meritocracy is a political system where those in charge are selected on the basis of their ability. In other words, it’s a system of government run by experts. I won’t go into all the pitfalls and problems inherent to this system (such as, who gets to decide the type and level of “expertise” needed for a given position?). Instead, I’m going to propose a variation of meritocracy – Meritology. Meritology is a pseudo-religious system where experts are worshipped and obeyed on the basis of their knowledge.

In part 2 of this Meritology series we’ll identify the connection between how the world’s response to COVID has paved the way for an extraterrestrial deception of Biblical proportions.


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