Meritology Part 2: From the COVID Cult to Extraterrestrial Saviors

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After reading the first article in this Meritology series you may be asking what all this has to do with so-called aliens and the coming Last Days deception… you see, COVID has revealed that humanity is susceptible and ready to embrace a meritological belief system. The governments’ response to COVID has psychologically prepared humanity to blindly trust and obey experts with a religious fervor when faced with new, scary and uncertain situations. COVID has primed the pump, greased the wheels and opened the door to an invasion of “alien” saviors. Now all they need to do is switch out the experts being worshipped, from medical professionals to extraterrestrial benefactors.

When what appear to be technologically-advanced spaceships are seen in the skies, and beings that resemble extraterrestrials offer their hand in friendship, how will humanity react? When these “aliens” arrive in the midst of feverish political tensions, increasing natural disasters, civil unrest and economic collapse, offering solutions to all of the world’s problems, how do you think people will react? After a brief period of panic and fear the “aliens” will step in to establish friendly relations. Their olive branch will be technology and knowledge that aids humanity. Given the turmoil preceding their arrival, the chance to end the tyranny, mend international relations and “heal the planet” will be irresistible for most.

Once the “aliens” establish themselves as the benefactors to humanity they will become the de facto experts in basically everything. All their superior technology and their vast ancient wisdom will be so alluring that people will start to worship them as gods. Although the fallen angels may relish a little human-worship, they’ll probably feign public objections to being deified. Their true agenda isn’t necessarily to be worshipped as gods themselves, but rather to cause as many humans as possible to worship ourselves as gods, instead of the One True God (Yahweh).

Lucifer and his fallen angels are incredibly patient and devious. While posing as extraterrestrials they may outright claim that they have no intentions of interfering with any of humanity’s established religions and that they do not want to be worshipped as gods. As representatives of the Galactic Federation they’ll claim that they are prohibited from meddling with the religious beliefs of a lesser-developed civilization. Nevertheless, they will come bearing a message with significant religious undertones, a message that humanity has been programmed to receive with open arms: Science.

The kind of “science” peddled by Lucifer and the fallen angels won’t be based on conventional trial-and-error, hypotheses, testing and observations – it will be based on the Occult and New Age spirituality. They’ll pass off all the magic as “science” by claiming that the mechanics behind it are simply at a level of understanding that humanity has not yet achieved. Arthur C. Clarke’s famous quote “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” will become a modern-day proverb. You’ll hear terms like “interdimensional”, “vibrational frequency”, “quantum entanglement” and “energy” everywhere you turn. Claims that their powers are magic or supernatural will be dismissed saying “it’s not magic, we just don’t understand the science behind their technology!”

At this point you might be under the impression that I’m telling you that all the technology and “science” from the fallen angels is a bunch of bunk, but it’s not quite that simple. Keep in mind that fallen angels like Lucifer are still celestial (spiritual) beings and they do possess knowledge, powers and possibly technology beyond our current understanding. They will leverage these supernatural powers and spiritual knowledge to make themselves appear like the technologically-advanced aliens that humanity has been expecting for decades.

Human scientists will race to understand the new concepts introduced by the fallen angels. Bureaucrats will defer public policy decisions based on advice from our “alien” allies. However, despite all the benefits and gifts given to humanity by Lucifer and the fallen angels, there will still be pockets of resistance that reject the “alien” agenda and obey God’s Commandments. If you’re reading this article I hope you will be one of those dissidents! In the next article we’ll take a look at how the world, already deceived by “friendly aliens”, will respond when faced with a threat to our existence.

In Part 3 of this Meritology series we’ll examine how the fallen angels will use an existential threat as the culmination of their evil agenda to lead God’s children away from Him.


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