Christian Faith After the Arrival

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Faith is trusting what your eyes cannot see, your ears cannot hear and your hands cannot touch. After the Arrival, when alleged extraterrestrials are trying to “set the record straight” on Earth’s various religions, the Christian faith will be tested in ways we haven’t seen since the Dark Ages. In this article we’ll examine what it will mean to be a true Christian in a world that has embraced an alien-inspired version of New Age spirituality and how to hold onto your faith during the Great Tribulation.


  1. Really understand Christian apologetics – what makes Christianity unique from other religions? (hint: grace-based salvation)
  2. Don’t be deceived by extraterrestrials or New Age adherents that teach you to be “service to others” (philanthropy) oriented. This is a clever ruse to distract Christians from serving God first and foremost. When you serve God first you will naturally serve others as a result.
  3. Insist upon the existence and consequences of sin. Fallen angels will attempt to abolish the concept of “sin” and replace it with a watered-down version of morality that permits selfish behavior as long as you’re not harming anyone else.
  4. Keep the 7th Day Sabbath holy. After the Arrival, the extraterrestrials will popularize Sunday observance in one form or another. Sunday-keeping Christians will blend in with all other “faiths” that are also keeping the 1st day of the week sacred. In order to remain separate from the world and proclaim your allegiance to the God that created the universe, Christians will need to return to Biblically-based 7th Day Sabbath worship.
  5. Remember, through all the persecution and suffering during the Great Tribulation, this mortal existence is temporary. The reward for obedience to God will be eternal life, and nothing the fallen angels or their minions do to you will ever take that away.

What Makes Christians Unique

First, let’s try to understand the main difference that sets Christianity apart from other religions and faiths. At the core of Jesus’ teachings, Christians believe that there is nothing we can do on our own to earn our salvation. Eternal life is entirely contingent upon whether we accept Christ’s atoning sacrifice on the cross. This means that we have to humble ourselves and admit that no matter how many “good deeds” we do in our life, we can never compensate for the consequences of our sins. We have to trust that on the Judgement Day, Christ will recognize us for our faith in Him and not for our own efforts to save ourselves.

Selfishness will be a reoccurring theme in this article because it really is the root of all sin. If we do not humble ourselves and accept Christ’s sacrifice then we are harboring pride in our hearts and are trusting ourselves to put in enough effort to earn our salvation. In every other religion and faith, the onus for salvation is put on the individual. In other religions it is the adherent’s responsibility to “clean themselves up” and earn their deity’s approval. Christianity is about grace through faith, not through works. True salvation cannot be works-based because works-based salvation is inherently self-centered and selfishness is a sin, therefore works-based salvation leads to death.

After the Arrival, extraterrestrials will likely push a flavor of spirituality that is palatable to most world religions based on New Age concepts – a core tenant of which will revolve around what you can do as an individual to ascend into the next life, higher dimension, afterlife, whatever they want to call it. They will teach that you have the divine spark inside you and that all you need to do is really connect with yourself in order to transcend this mortal existence. Our sinful nature likes to feel that we are in control of our situation and works-based salvation is especially appealing. Works-based salvation gives us measurable, often tangible evidence that we are “earning” our salvation. Conversely, the grace-based salvation of true Christianity is a little bit scary and unappealing because it requires faith and trust in things we cannot measure, track or touch. People will always prefer the comfortable lie to the difficult truth – and that is what sets Christians apart from other religious adherents.

Whom Do You Serve?

One of the biggest deceptions that the fallen angels will employ to lure Christians away from their faith and into a false worship of the Antichrist/Beast will be to convince them that this New Age spirituality is simply the fulfillment of Christianity. These spiritually-enlightened “aliens” will claim that they are the good guys because their entire existence is rooted in “service to others”, whereas low-vibrational humans and lesser-evolved extraterrestrials like the Greys and Reptilians, are all about “service to self”. Parallels will be drawn between the ancient teachings of Jesus Christ that will claim that these benevolent ET’s are aligned with the Christian ethos because they love others before themselves.

Herein lies the first clever deception that seeks to destroy the Ten Commandments. “I am the Lord your God. You shall have no other gods before Me.” The whole “service to others” claim seems wholesome on the surface, but it seeks to put other people ahead of God Himself. If you are focused first-and-foremost on serving your fellow man, then you are not serving the Lord your God. Philanthropy in this case will be the god that the fallen angels try to get Christians to worship instead of the One True God. Helping the poor and hungry is a noble endeavor that Christians should be involved with, but even more important than caring for their physical needs is caring for their spiritual needs. Our purpose as Christians isn’t to make sinners more comfortable on their way to Hell, it’s to tell them about the Gospel so that even if they suffer in this life, they will live joyfully in Eternity.

Understanding Sin

If there’s one thing that fallen angels posing as extraterrestrials will try to abolish it is the concept of “sin”. The idea of sin makes people uncomfortable because it goes beyond just doing right vs wrong. For example, watching pornography is a sin not necessarily because you’re directly harming someone else in the act of watching it, but because you are selfishly indulging in the lusts of your body in violation of God’s command for sexuality within the confines of marriage. Another example would be gluttony and over-eating. Stuffing your face with chocolate doesn’t violate any human morality because it doesn’t really harm anyone else – but it is still a sin because you are selfishly indulging the cravings of your body.

The world has tried to replace the concept of sin (violations of God’s Law) with the concept of crime (violations of man’s law). Ideally, human laws should focus on regulating interactions between other humans to ensure that no one is harmed by someone else. Sin on the other hand takes morality to the next level where you not only are forbidden from harming other people, but you also need to control your own cravings, lusts and impulses.

After the Arrival, Christians who profess a conviction of sin (sins such as premarital sex, gluttony and taking God’s name in vain for example) will be labeled as “regressives” by the benevolent ET’s. Much effort will be spent on trying to convince Christians that “sin” is an archaic concept created by malevolent forces throughout human history in order to enslave humanity and keep us from realizing our true potential. So indulge in that extra pint of ice cream. Have consensual sex with your girlfriend before marriage. Do away with the institution of “marriage” entirely. Drop the occasional F-bomb if you feel like it. These things won’t keep you from raising your vibrational frequency and ascending to a higher dimension. That’s what the fallen angels will tell the world – and the world, already inclined towards sin, will welcome that message with open arms.

Remember the Sabbath

Sabbath observance is the most outward sign that you show allegiance to the God that created you and not to yourself or the State. After the Arrival, Sunday observance will become increasingly popular among adherents to the new alien-friendly spirituality. The day “Sunday” is rooted in paganism and the early Catholic Church decided to change the weekly day of rest from the 7th-Day Sabbath (Saturday) to the 1st day of the week, Sunday. Ostensibly this was done to honor the day of Christ’s resurrection, but an ulterior motive was to more easily “convert” pagans in Rome who were already accustomed to worshipping their Sun god on the “Day of the Sun”. Without a Biblical command to justify the change, the Roman Catholic Church decided on it’s own to abrogate the Fourth Commandment and change the weekly day of rest to Sundays instead.

Today the majority of Christians continue to adhere to the unbiblical observance of Sunday that was started by pagans. Currently, Sundays are regarded as a “Christian” day of the week in modern culture, with true 7th-Day Sabbath-keepers being considered a fringe minority. After the Arrival (especially if the fallen angels reveal themselves publicly on a Sunday) their New Age spirituality teachings will elevate the importance of a weekly day off for meditation. Existing Sunday-keeping Christians will welcome non-Christians to join them in keeping Sundays “holy”.

The extraterrestrials will manipulate all the world’s major religions to revolve around worship (meditation) on Sundays. In fact, global group meditation on Sundays will likely be proposed as the most effective way for humanity to “ascend into the 5th dimension”. Social pressure will become increasingly strong for everyone to observe Sundays as a sacred day, especially if the fallen angels claim that humanity is under an existential threat if we don’t ascend in a timely fashion. Under the leadership of fallen angels posing as extraterrestrials, suddenly Sunday sacredness won’t be exclusively a Christian concept, it will be embraced by the majority of the world.

Christians are instructed by God to be separate from the world. After the Arrival, when the entire world is worshipping and resting on Sundays, typical Sunday-keeping Christians will become nearly indistinguishable from everyone else. Sunday-keeping Christians will just be one of dozens of different “faiths” that worship during the weekly appointed global meditation times. 7th-Day Sabbath Christians on the other hand, will stand out like a sore thumb. Unwilling to change their weekly day of rest and worship, Sabbath-keepers will become not only social outcasts, but eventually criminals in the eyes of the State.

As Christians, our number #1 duty to God is to proclaim the Gospel to all mankind and to call for sinners to repent and follow Christ. If we fail to keep ourselves separate from the world then we start to blend in and our testimony no longer carries any weight. Observing the 7th Day Sabbath is more than just stubbornly sticking to worship on a certain day of the week. The 7th Day Sabbath is an ongoing reminder that we serve the God who created the universe and rested on the 7th day.

In the post-Arrival world, the theory of panspermia will be taught as fact, taking the credit for creation away from God and attempting to attribute the seeding of human life to spiritually-evolved extraterrestrials. Keeping the 7th Day Sabbath will be an outward sign to the world that we reject their claims of panspermia and that we worship the actual Creator who made the entire universe. During the Tribulation, when Sunday-keeping goes mainstream, Christians everywhere need to return to the Biblically-sound practice of keeping the 7th Day Sabbath holy. Sabbath-keeping will come to be the defining mark of our allegiance to God and not to the Beast.

Keep Perspective

When challenged about why you are stubbornly sticking to your Christian beliefs in the face of great persecution, remember that this mortal existence is fleeting compared to the eternity we will spend with our Creator. If someone asks you why you still believe what you do, even though it seems to fly in the face of the “science” that the world accepts as “fact”, respond along these lines: If what I believe as a Christian is true and I stand by my convictions, then I inherit eternal life. On the other hand, if what I believe turns out to be wrong, then none of this matters anyway. It is going to take incredibly strong faith in the Last Days for Christians to stand firm on Biblical convictions and not be led astray by the teachings of fallen angels posing as benevolent extraterrestrials. Now is the time to start building that solid foundation of your faith, because when the “spaceships” start dropping out of the skies it might be too late.


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