False Memory Syndrome and Fallen Angels

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False Memory Syndrome (FMS) is a condition in which a person’s identity and interpersonal relationships center on a memory of a traumatic experience that is objectively false but that the person strongly believes occurred (Wikipedia). Although the alleged syndrome of “false memories” gained a foothold in the early 1990’s, it has recently resurfaced in connection with high-profile cases of sexual abuse allegations against powerful elites.

In 2020, Harvey Weinstein’s legal defense attempted to use False Memory Syndrome to undermine the credibility of the accuser’s memories. Then a year later, Ghislaine Maxwell also attempted to use FMS to discredit witness testimony against her. Now, another suspected elite pedophile, Prince Charles, is expected to use FMS as a defense against his accusers. High-profile elite pedophiles, members of the Cabal, are huge advocates of FMS because it provides them with a plausible defense when their crimes are revealed publicly.

On the opposing side, alien abductees/contactees and individuals in the UFO community who claim to have participated in Secret Space Programs (SSP) are adamantly opposed to the concept of “false memories” because if it were true then they would have to question the validity of their own memories. In the last few years, people who have recovered supposedly “repressed” memories of their involvement with Secret Space Programs and other extraterrestrial contact have started to come forward publicly with their testimony. “We are the Disclosure” is a common motto amongst the UFO and Spiritual ET community. People like Tony Rodrigues, Daryl James, Mark Domizio, Jodi Reynosa, Johan Fritz, David Rousseau, Rebecca Rose and Dan Cooper are just a few of the people coming forward with their “whistleblower” accounts of the Secret Space Program. In fact, the movement has grown so much that they are actually putting on a full-blown convention in May 2022 called the Secret Space Conference!

As I discuss in the Divide & Conquer section of this website, Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels are setting up the elite pedophiles and other members of the Cabal as patsies so that when “benevolent ET’s” drop out of the skies they can earn our trust by fighting the evil members of the Cabal who have enslaved humanity through globalist control for centuries. UFO and Spiritual ET believers naturally have a vested interest in discrediting False Memory Syndrome because if it were true then all of their “whistleblower” testimony and “experiences” with aliens/ET’s could be explained away. Evil satanic pedophiles in the Cabal have a vested interest in proving False Memory Syndrome is true because it protects them from the consequences of their crimes. But there’s a third party who is also interested in the debate about False Memory Syndrome: fallen angels.

Lucifer and the other fallen angels presumably retain the same supernatural powers of unfallen angels to cause humans to have full-sensory visions, hallucinations and to influence the dreams of humans. I suspect that many of the so-called SSP whistleblowers and alien contactees are victims of false memory implantation by fallen angels in order to prepare humanity for The Great Delusion. These people who claim to have these repressed memories of alien experiences may be earnest in their recollections, not because the events actually took place, but because they’ve been given powerfully-convincing dreams and visions by fallen angels that make them think that those events took place. This is especially evident in a phenomenon called “20-and-back” where a person has memories of participation in a 20-year Secret Space Program. According to claims, at the end of their 20-year tour they are “age-regressed”, have their memories wiped and are sent back in time to the moment they were supposedly abducted with no physical evidence that any of their experiences were real.

Despite how far-fetched all of this sounds, there are actually many uncanny similarities between all the different testimonies provided by alleged Secret Space Program whistleblowers and ET contactees – similarities and details that are difficult to explain away as being exclusively fabricated. If you discount the possibility of fallen angels using dreams and visions to manufacture these memories then it is much harder to discredit some of the testimonies. However, if you approach this phenomenon with the understanding that fallen angels can cause supernatural dreams and full-sensory visions/hallucinations to implant false memories, then the whole charade becomes very obvious.

SSP “whistleblowers” and other alien/ET contactees are going to play a pivotal role in facilitating the Great Delusion in the Last Days. Their collective testimonies are starting to go “mainstream” and soon they will become emissaries on behalf of The Galactic Federation. Their role will be to help convince skeptics to embrace the benevolent ET’s after their public Arrival.

To learn more about how fallen angels use their supernatural abilities to implant false memories using dreams and visions, I recommend reading The Bible, Physics and the Abilities of Fallen Angels by Paradox Brown (PDF backup in case the website is taken offline). This book is available to read for free on the author’s website and it goes into detail about the Biblical justification behind the supernatural abilities that fallen angels likely possess. When it comes to the topic of false memories it’s critical to notice who are advocating for it and who are trying to discredit it. Fallen angels use false memories to cause humanity to believe in extraterrestrials so that when Lucifer and his legions show up posing as extraterrestrials, they can overthrow the evil Cabal (who are advocates for False Memory Syndrome) and also receive the endorsement of the UFO/Spiritual ET community who are true victims of False Memory Syndrome. Once you see how the game is setup it’s impossible to ignore.


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