Aliens and the Nuclear Connection

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Ever since Russia launched their military operation in Ukraine tensions between Russia and the Western countries have risen to Cold War-era levels. Suddenly there is this perception and narrative in the media that a nuclear conflict between Russia and NATO is possible. At the same time, New Age/UFO proponents claim that extraterrestrials won’t let a full-scale nuclear war happen and that they would actually intervene to prevent such a disaster. This would pave the way for extraterrestrials to “reveal” themselves to humanity on a global scale.

“The main media are stirring up fear in everyone of a nuclear war as has happened in the past on Earth. We have to tell you that the One will not allow Earth to be destroyed and will always let us intervene if this seems to be happening and we have done so in the past.”

An allegedly “channeled message” from a fallen angel called “Sirius” (March 15th, 2022)

Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels are restrained by God. They are only allowed to manifest and interfere with humanity to the extent permitted by YHWH. However, in the Last Days, YHWH will remove His restraining force and allow the Strong Delusion (The Great Delusion) to be carried out by Satan and his minions. It is my belief, as well as the belief of an increasing number of Bible-believing Christians, that Lucifer will use the “extraterrestrial” deception as the platform for his final battle against humanity. Lucifer will attempt to deceive as many people as possible and cause Christians to lose their faith.

“For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only He who now restrains will do so until He is removed.”

2 Thessalonians 2:7

If God allows it, this scenario is possible to bring about the Great Delusion:

Fallen angels use their abilities to influence world leaders such as Putin. They whisper to him and his advisors that the Motherland faces an existential threat from the West and NATO and that the only option left to prevent Russia from being defeated by the "New World Order" (and the World Economic Forum's agenda) is to strike a target, most likely some military infrastructure not civilian, using a nuclear weapon. The fallen angels convince Putin and his advisors that this action would be dramatic enough to show the West how serious Russia is about defeating Nazi's and the NWO in Ukraine.

The initial nuclear strike by Russia may even be allowed to take place in order to really shake the world. Most people alive today are not old enough to remember the nuclear bombs being dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945. Although Baby Boomers likely remember the threat of nuclear war during the Cold War, they never actually witnessed it come to fruition. If a nuclear bomb goes off these days it will captivate the entire world and send the whole world into hysteria. 

Then, when NATO countries decide to reciprocate the first strike with a proportional response against Russian territory, that's when Lucifer and his legions of fallen angels will suddenly intervene, disabling the nuclear warheads using their advanced technology/abilities and revealing themselves as "extraterrestrials" to the entire world. Just when you thought the prospect of a civilization-ending nuclear holocaust was the single most important thing to worry about, suddenly you'll be faced with the news that aliens do exist and that they just prevented your entire planet from being nuked back into the stone age!

What a better way for Lucifer to start his grand deception than to ride in on the wings of a UFO claiming to have saved humanity from a nuclear war?

The above scenario is just my speculation based on what I see happening today. Things may play out very differently as God sees fit. Remember, Lucifer and the fallen angels are constrained by God’s power and will only be permitted to carry out the Great Delusion in the manner and timing that God allows. In the end, God Wins.


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