False Visions Combined with Partial Physical Manifestation

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Chapter 7:

The next cases of Fallen Angelic Attacks are of False Visions which are combined with Partial Physical Manifestation.

“The corporal moved toward the object. He disappeared for some 15 minutes. When he reappeared, he was shaking and his voice seemed different. The light had been illuminating the whole area…He then became unconscious and was attended by his fellow men till he awoke some two hours later. The UFO also disappeared about this time. While the unconscious Corporal Valdes was assisted by his patrol, his men made another strange observation. They saw that Valdes had a beard growth equivalent to several days without shaving. He had been well shaven before the incident. As Valdes awoke he exclaimed, “I don’t remember anything from the moment I left you.” He then ordered, 
“Get ready to leave because it’s 4:30 in the morning. It was actually about 7 AM. His calendar watch had stopped at 4:30 but the date was five days advanced – to the 30th instead of the 25th.”

-Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO), 1977

Much like the Biblical account of Jesus tempted by Satan seen in Luke 4, in which Jesus experienced a far longer period of time in less than a second, the Valdes case shows time perception manipulation. In principle, this is the same thing.

In the Valdes case, the time manipulation seems very physical instead of perceptual, because his watch was moved ahead by 5 days, and he had 5 days growth of a beard, after only 15 minutes of time passing in objective reality. It also seems very physical because he disappeared for 15 minutes and his men could not see him. As such, this seems to be a case of a False Vision couple with powerful Physical Manifestation seen in the effects on Valdes’ body.

One way to look at this is that, like the boils of Job described in Biblical Physical Manifestations onto the body, a fallen angel was able to supernaturally cause rapid hair growth, and also alter Valdes’ watch. The men might have been blocked with a group False Vision, from being able to see Valdes, even if he was nearby within normal sight distance. This is similar to the case of Peter escaping from prison in that no one could see him. There is nothing in this case that necessitates that Valdez went anywhere, merely that those with him could no longer see him. And there is nothing here that proves his body experienced 5 days worth of time in 15 minutes, but the simplest explanation would be that fallen angels affected his body supernaturally to grow hair very quickly, and altered his watch.

And so there is nothing in this case which “must” indicate the science fiction concept of “time travel”. Nothing in this case shows that Valdes traveled backwards in time, or that he traveled forward in time more than anyone else did (that being 15 minutes). Valdes’ experiences during the abduction are unknown, but even if he had reported he subjectively experienced 5 days worth of time in 15 minutes, this would have been time perception manipulation in a False Vision. This is a separate matter from the hair growth, and his watch changing, and other people not being able to see him. The simplest explanation is that this entire event was staged with the goal in mind of deception, it being caused by fallen angels whose goal is to deceive.

In a cases like this one, and as in the case of Michael Relfe, it becomes apparent that fallen angels want people to believe that they can time travel – which in itself is a good reason to not believe such – but there are alternate explanations for everything which occurred in this case which match Biblical teaching on what fallen angels are known to be able to do. However, there is nothing in the Bible which teaches that angels can time travel, and in opposition, the Bible does teach that God has absolute authority over time, and appoints things to happen at certain times, which fallen angels cannot interfere with, or alter. Jesus Christ is “the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end”.

The next case of Anita is a good overview of physical injuries that many abductees have after fallen angelic attacks:

 “Anita has been consciously aware of UFO activity since childhood, and her brothers and sisters have also had recurrent UFO events throughout their lives. So, perhaps, may have some of Anita’s children and grandchildren…
So are the various marks and injuries she has discovered on her body. “Lots of mornings,” Anita said, “I have gotten up feeling like someone beat me up in my sleep.” This is another common abductee report, waking up with sore, damaged-feeling muscles and joints. “I have waked up with bruises on my arms, shoulders, and legs,” she continued, “with no idea where they came from. I have found scratches that I could not remember having gotten the day before.”
The evidence for vigorous physical activity during the night, although unremembered, comes from more than just Anita’s sore or scarred body, however. In one incident, she woke up in the morning and felt an unfamiliar pain in her right hand. “I sat up in bed,” she explained, “and found that sometime during the night my ring had been squashed on my finger.” She managed with effort to remove the ring, but neither her husband nor a jeweler could completely restore its original shape.
On another occasion, Anita got out of bed one morning and found the crucifix from her necklace lying on the floor. “It had been on my neck the night before,” she said, “and the chain was still on [me]. But the only way to remove the crucifix is to remove the necklace and take it off the chain.”
She has also awakened several mornings to discover that something had happened to her clothing, a report frequently echoed by other abductees. In one instance, she woke up with her nightie on backward, although she was certain she had not taken it off, turned it around, and put it back on. And on a different occasion she found that the nightie was not only backward but had also been turned inside-out. In the night during one of these events, she had an altered-state experience in which she recalled a group of Tan aliens observing her as she was “free-falling,” an event which did not feel unduly upsetting for some reason…. Anita had quite a severe reaction to another similar event, however, venting much more emotion than the situation seemed to call for. It was in the winter, during the Christmas holidays one night, and she had worn socks to bed for extra warmth. When she woke up the next day and found that one of her socks was missing,…Anita was also physically upset that morning, suffering from a violent headache and nausea which caused her to vomit, yet there was no illness to account for the symptoms. Still, she might not have been overly concerned about the vanished sock and her physical problems, if her young granddaughter hadn’t made a disturbing comment…The seven-year-old child told her grandmother that some “mean men” had come in and taken her away during the night. When Anita asked her to describe the “mean men,” the little girl called them “the mushroom men.”
“What are the mushroom men?” Anita asked, and her granddaughter then found the book MISSING TIME by Budd Hopkins and pointed to the drawing on the cover.
…The girl said the creatures were about a foot tall, gray-skinned and had four fingers rather than five-a detail not apparent in the cover picture. There were quite a few of these entities present, she said. Anita remembered nothing strange that night herself, but the physical symptoms, the missing sock, and her granddaughter’s story were indicative enough of an intrusive incident to be of great concern.”

-Karla Turner PhD, Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, Pgs. 46, 50-51

As for Physical Manifestation, there were physical aftereffects that remained and were seen by others, such as her bent ring. The case of Anita is a good overview of physical injuries that many abductees have after this type of fallen angelic attack.

In this case there was another person involved, her 7 year old granddaughter that saw part of the experience, and this part was a case of a False Vision seen by multiple people. As in the Valdes case, part of the False Vision on the child was her grandmother seemed to be missing, in that she was unseen and not visible for a period of time. And the child in the False Vision also saw her grandmother be taken, deceiving her into thinking her grandmother has went somewhere. But the simplest explanation is that Anita did not go anywhere, but that her and her granddaughter both experienced False Visions that night. And this along with various degrees of Physical manifestation throughout Anita’s experiences, including objects moved, and injuries, and physical illness.

It is important to note that innocent children can be attacked by fallen angels, as in this case, and this is a type of generational curse. While on that topic, another case from Karla Turner’s book Taken is of a child (though this case does not involve Physical manifestation):

“When I was seven or eight years old,” Beth related, “my father gave us permission, my sister and me, to go outside and play with the other children, who were playing hide-and-seek. It was close to six in the evening. I remember that I went to hide between some bushes, and then I heard a sound, somebody else. And as I turned, I saw what I thought at that moment was one of the other kids.
“The next thing I know,” she continued, “it was dark, and I was very surprised. When I got home, my father was very mad at me and my mother was very upset. My father told me that they had been calling me and looking for me for hours. But I couldn’t understand it,” she said. “The place where I was hiding was less than a hundred feet from the front of the house. I was hiding there, and it was daylight, and then the next thing I know it was dark-and I was scared.
“Recently I had another memory about that,” she added. “That kid I thought was there, he was an alien, one of the Grays. He took me to a ship, but I don’t remember what happened after that.”

-Karla Turner PhD, Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, Pg. 56

I think the most efficient way to explain this case is that first the child Beth had a False Vision of an “alien” approaching her, which overlaid onto objective reality. Then Beth was effectively hidden from her parents by fallen angels by a False Vision her parents were caused to have, which kept them from seeing their daughter as they looked for her. While this was going on, the child Beth experienced a False Vision of being with Grays on a ship. A combination of various aspects of False Visions would suffice to explain this experience.

This case is somewhat reminiscent of the abduction case of Travis Walton, who was missing for 5 days, and remembered only 2 hours. I do feel that the explanation for the case of Beth is also an adequate explanation for the Walton case. He was present, but all those involved in searching for him were prevented from seeing him. The main difference is that he was made unconscious for the majority of the 5 days, except for the 2 hours in which he experienced a False Vision.

The book The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels: The Alien Abduction Phenomenon by Paradox Brown offers some really deep insight into understanding how fallen angels operate from both a Biblical and scientific perspective and how they might use these abilities to cause The Great Delusion in the Last Days. I will be republishing chapters from this book which are freely available on the author's original website.


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