The Remote Viewing Deception

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Remote viewing is a pseudo-science that involves a trained “psychic” that performs visualizations and other mental techniques with the goal of acquiring information about people, places, events and other situations through a sort-of “telepathy”. Declassified documents in the 1990’s revealed that the military experimented with remote viewing in the 1970’s in a $20 million CIA program called Stargate Project. The CIA’s program was later terminated due to a lack of evidence that the program was producing any value to the intelligence community.

Fast forward 50 years, and the practice of remote viewing has started to gain more traction in the civilian industry. An organization called the Farsight Institute picked up the torch in the mid-90’s, taking the techniques from Stargate Project and enhancing them in order to try to produce scientifically-sound evidence that remote viewing is legitimate.

Before we jump into some of the things Courtney Brown, the founder of the Farsight Institute, recently said, let’s take a step back to understand how remote viewing actually works from a Biblical perspective in relation to supernatural entities called fallen angels. In the book The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels by Parabox Brown (no relation to Courtney Brown) we learn a lot about how fallen angels can use their supernatural abilities to influence humans and even cause full-sensory hallucinations, visions and dreams. So, when we hear people claim that remote viewing can be scientifically proven through “blind” studies, consider whether it’s possible that an invisible, undetectable supernatural being, a fallen angel, is actually present, influencing these “trained psychics” and even causing them to “see” things in their minds. If we disregard the concept of fallen angel manipulation, some remote viewing evidence could be very difficult to refute. However, when we understand that these unseen evil entities are meddling in an otherwise “scientific process”, we see how Lucifer can use the guise of “science” to pass along his insidious message to humanity in a clever and extremely deceptive manner.

Remote Viewing Extraterrestrials & Secret Space Programs

Courtney Brown recently did an interview on a podcast by Dr. Michael Salla where he discussed the Farsight Institute and Remote Viewing in great detail. Below is a particularly telling portion of the interview (with my own added emphasis) that I’d like dissect from a Biblical perspective:

What we have found out through our studies is that everything that exists in the universe, everything, every living thing that you see, is animated by what we call the “IsBe”. The “IsBe” is someone who is for the purpose of being, and that is what some people call a “soul”. They try to prove that there is a soul, and they hope and they pray that there is a soul, and they think maybe their soul will live if they’re good and if they don’t break any rules, and they’ll get eternal life – that’s all crap, that’s just junk. The reality is is that there is an “IsBe” inside everything that lives, and that “IsBe” we have found out, this an absolute fact, it cannot be destroyed. Nobody can give you eternal life because you already have eternal life and it’s impossible to get rid of that. It’s not possible to die. Period. Full stop. It doesn’t matter what rules you break, no matter what happens the “IsBe” cannot be killed. That’s who you really are. So this body is just like a car. It’s just something you wear. It’s going to be discarded. You can take care of it, and I suggest people should keep healthy, take care of it, just like you take care of your car. You can’t drive your car if you don’t take care of your car and if it breaks down you’re out of luck. So the point is, the “IsBe” is the driver of all things.

Timestamp: 31:00

So the big thing in the galaxy, the huge thing in the galaxy, has been what to do with “IsBe’s” because you can’t kill them. People found out eventually that you can’t kill an “IsBe” but you can trap it. You can do all types of things to deceive it, you can do things to get around the rules, you can’t kill it, but you can capture it. Basically, what we have found over the many years of remote viewing is that Earth has been setup as a prison planet, a dumping ground for “IsBe’s”. That’s one of the reasons that the genetics of who we are in terms of limiting perceptions are the way they are. It’s part of the prison system. You can’t imprison someone easily if they can easily perceive who they are and where they came from – they’re going to riot, they’re going to revolt, they’re going to get out.

Timestamp: 33:17

When the Reptilians do it [“neural engagement”] they’ll do it for any reason whatsoever. They really enjoy fear. They really enjoy inspiring fear in others. So they’ll go right into somebody and terrorize them. We don’t have any troubles with the Reptilians at all, and they don’t do anything to us. Now the reason is not because we’re super-powerful. Somebody is helping us [laughter]. Because we have learned that when we go to these places and engage with these places we’re not bothered at all, and somebody is helping us. I have to just say somebody’s been helping us from the very beginning or we wouldn’t be able to do this stuff. Even our procedures, when we come up with these new procedures, we’ve been nudged, given ideas of what to do. So I don’t want to take credit that we’re like geniuses doing all this stuff. We’ve been getting help along the way… fundamentally, we’ve been helped.

Timestamp: 45:00
The relevant conversation happens between 31 minutes and 46 minutes

When Faith Is Not Enough

There’s a lot to unpack in the excerpts above from Brown’s interview. First, it seems as if remote viewing is becoming the “scientific” proof for the New Age & Spiritual ET communities that validates their entire belief system. Up until recently most of the spiritual mumbo-jumbo that New Agers and Spiritual ET believers spout off was unprovable hearsay. Their beliefs about the afterlife, extraterrestrials and the nature of reality relied exclusively on people swapping stories with little-to-no verifiable evidence. It turns out New Agers and Christians actually shared something in common: faith.

New Agers had to take it on faith that what others told them about ET’s, UFO’s, the “soul”, etc was true, but they couldn’t really prove that it was true. The best they could do was to aggregate all the various stories and try to find commonalities – those commonalities eventually became ad-hoc “truth”. Christians likewise live according to faith based on our own personal belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Like New Agers, our beliefs have been passed down through generations in the form of religious doctrines, stories and of course the Holy Bible. We believe the Gospel, not because we can prove it with science, but because we listen to the Holy Spirit working in our hearts and we know it to be Truth.

However, faith is not sufficient for New Agers and the Spiritual ET community because they crave hard evidence to validate their beliefs. And no wonder, if New Agers aren’t listening to the Holy Spirit, which speaks Truth, then they are listening to the whispers of demons/fallen angels, who speak lies. The reason true Christians don’t require evidence to validate our beliefs is because when we listen to the Holy Spirit we know the Truth in our hearts, therefore we don’t desire any further proof. On the other hand, if you are listening to the confusing, discordant lies of demons and fallen angels you will naturally crave proof of what they are telling you because you know if your heart that what they are telling you is a lie.


In the first quote from Courtney Brown above, there are so many lies and counterfeits that it’s easier to break it down into a table so we can see the lie juxtaposed with the Biblical truth.

The Lie/CounterfeitThe Biblical Truth
The human soul is eternal and when the physical body dies the disembodied soul continues livingThe human soul is composed of two parts, the physical body and God’s Breath of Life. When the physical body dies our body goes back to dust and the Breath of Life returns to God who gave it. Then, when Christ returns He will raise everyone from the grave, giving us new bodies and giving back the Breath of Life – we once again become a living soul. The righteous will be raised first and given eternal life, the wicked will be raised second, face the Day of Judgement and be destroyed in the Hellfire, ceasing to exist forever. 1
Everyone inherits eternal life, it’s not conditional on any moralityOnly those who believe in Christ Jesus and repent of their sins will inherit eternal life. (Luke 13:3)
You are an immortal god-like being called an “IsBe” – someone who is for the purpose of beingOnly God is immortal, His name is “I AM WHO I AM” (Yahweh) – the One who is and will be 2
Your body is just a temporary vessel, like a car, and the only reason to care for it is so that you have a more enjoyable lifeYour body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit and you should care for your body in order to honor God (1 Corinthians 6:19)

In the second quote we get a glimpse into the theology of the New Agers and how they try to rationalize the lies so they make sense. A fundamental problem of the idea behind “everyone goes to heaven” is what to do about people who are objectively bad? Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc? Is there no justice in the afterlife for these monsters? Therein lies a conundrum for New Agers to wrestle with and they pretend that it’s a quandary for the rest of the ET’s in the galaxy too. In order to resolve this conflict they invented this doctrine of “soul-trapping”. Since they say you can’t kill a soul (they call it an “IsBe”) the only way to serve justice for bad people is to trap their soul in some sort of prison.

The second quote continues by mixing some truth in with the lies. The Biblical truth is that we humans do have a limited perception of higher realms/dimensions. We lost our ability to perceive the spiritual realm when Adam and Eve sinned and broke God’s Command to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. It is for this reason that we cannot naturally detect angelic beings (both the fallen and unfallen variety). Occasionally God permits angels to manifest into our physical realm, which accounts for both the Biblical experiences with Holy Angels and the modern alien/UFO deception by fallen angels.

Notice however how the New Age twists this truth into a lie. Instead of attributing our limited perception to our own sinful nature, they attribute it to a type of cosmic prison system where we are victims of an alien agenda intended to trap us. Instead of repenting from our sins and living righteous lives, the New Age solution is to “rise up” and fight the system that binds us so that we can ascend and be with our “good” galactic brothers and sisters.

Giving Credibility to a Lie

Remote viewing is just another occult “psychic” technique like reading tea leaves, divining chicken bones, palm-reading, orb-gazing and Tarot cards. The differentiating factor with remote viewing, especially the type done by organizations like the Farsight Institute, is that it operates under the guise of science. Today’s “remote viewing” techniques can appear quite sophisticated and clinical. They use terms like, targets, subjects, experiments, studies, hypothesis, analysis, results, procedures, templates, blind conditions, neural engagement, etc. The entire process of remote viewing has been adapted by New Agers so that it has the appearance of something that is scientific – but in reality the remote viewers are actually being manipulated by invisible entities (fallen angels) that want to spread their anti-Christian “spiritual” message in order to deceive mankind and lead people away from Christ’s Salvation.

The especially dangerous part about remote viewing is that because its practitioners are being unknowingly manipulated by unseen malevolent beings, the results of their work can actually appear quite compelling. There is a growing body of so-called “evidence” that seems to prove that remote viewing is a legitimate scientific technique. Studies like the “Controlled Remote Viewing Random Event Generator” study from 2008 is one example of how remote viewing is attempting to break into mainstream scientific acceptance by providing seemingly irrefutable scientific evidence that people can actually “see” things remotely using only their mind.

Courtney Brown’s third quote from the interview with Dr. Salla is actually quite telling. Firstly, he admits that these “beings” (he calls them extraterrestrials but we know they are actually demons & fallen angels) can directly interact with people’s minds. They even have a sciencey term for it called “neural engagement”. Interestingly, he’s okay with the idea of ET’s doing “neural engagement” to influence other people (world leaders, politicians, religious leaders, etc), but he doesn’t acknowledge the possibility that ET’s (fallen angels) could be manipulating the remote viewers themselves during a remote viewing session. Secondly, he openly admits that they are getting help with remote viewing. However, he attributes the “help” as coming from an unknown benevolent source. He is correct in that these remote viewers are getting outside help to conduct these sessions, but not in the way he thinks. They are being fed Lucifer’s age-old propaganda, slandering God, denying Christ’s deity and sowing outright lies, deception and chaos.

The mounting evidence to support remote viewing would otherwise be convincing if we didn’t know our Bible and already understand the abilities of fallen angels to manipulate our senses in order to induce false dreams and visions. Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels are more than happy to attach themselves to these remote viewers in order to pass along false visions and messages that ultimately lead people away from Christ. These fallen angels have been doing the same thing with witches, psychics and other occult practitioners for literally thousands of years. However, modern society has largely abandoned the occult and have instead become conditioned to only believe what their senses tell them. Much of today’s society has been convinced that faith without scientific evidence is a backwards and primitive concept. Remote viewing, with its veneer of science, is an ideal vehicle for Lucifer to bring his Anti-Christ message to a world that already worships at the alter of “Science”.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1


  1. Alesha Perry

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Howevepossibility. ewing and remote neural monitoring are real issues that are hurting innocent people everywhere and they need help. It’s more than a physchological phenomen and many people are now able to show that proof some say is not there. It’s been disputed so long due to the vast majority of people who lack the high level of intelligence required to even fathom the possibility. It’s much like most of society being unable to handle the truth of the existence of aliens or those outside Earth.

    • Eiran

      By their own admission, “remote viewers” (aka psychics operating under the guise of “science”) deal with non-human entities that they say conduct “neural engagement” on other people. The truth is that remote viewers are being manipulated by unseen, non-human entities known as fallen angels, as described in the Bible. These demonic forces conduct “neural engagement” against remote viewers, causing them to perceive things they otherwise couldn’t. This gives remote viewers the impression that they are somehow psychically viewing things remotely. In reality, they are being deceived and fed whatever garbage the demonic forces want to show them. The goal? To further promulgate the notion of benevolent extraterrestrials through New Age practices masquerading as “scientific process” so that these types of activities become normalized and mainstream, paving the way to the Great Delusion.

      Repent of your sins, stop following New Age spirituality and the Occult, and stop dabbling in “Remote Viewing”. You’re only exposing yourself to demons who will deceive you and do whatever they can to draw you away from Salvation through Jesus Christ.


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