Are Traditional Christians Stubborn and Ignorant?

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Suppose you’re out for a walk and you strike up a conversation with one of your neighbors. If you told them that you recently converted to Hinduism, became an atheist or started practicing Buddhism, your neighbor will probably have some encouraging comments and would likely want to hear more about your decision and how it’s going. However, if you told them you recently got saved and started attending a Christian church, you might get some polite acknowledgement, but I’m willing to bet that unless your neighbor is also a Christian that the conversation will either get real awkward or quickly switch topics.

Let’s face it, being a traditional and/or conservative Christian in modern society is not fashionable. I guess it makes sense given our decadent culture obsessed with doing whatever makes you feel good. In a world committed to teaching us to “follow your heart” most people don’t want to be told to follow God’s Will instead. God’s Will might not be fun or comfortable, and it might be a little scary (or very scary depending on His calling!). It’s much more appealing to our fallen nature to indulge in our own sinful desires than to live a chaste and disciplined life. The term “fundamentalist” gets thrown around a lot to describe non-progressive Christians.

Christianity is not the only religion in the world that teaches (or is supposed to teach) adherents to live conservative lives and obey God. Orthodox Muslims and Jews also hold similar conservative lifestyle values, despite their drastically differing theological beliefs. Interestingly though, Christianity is the only religion that is generally regarded as “regressive”. Today’s Western society by-and-large practices the A.B.C.’s: Anything but Christianity.

A.B.C. – Anything But Christianity

Atheism, Buddhism, Judaism, Islam, New Age – in the West (Europe, Canada and the United States) which have historically been dominated by Christianity, these other religions are new and exotic (and yes, Atheism is just as much of a religion as Christianity). We live in an increasingly stagnant society here in the West. Victims of our own success. Liberty, Christianity and democratic values brought exceedingly great wealth and abundance since the Industrial Revolution. But now, after many generations, we have grown accustomed to a high standard of living and we have taken God’s blessings for granted. Western society has benefitted from God’s Grace bestowed upon our ancestors but now that same society doesn’t want to have anything to do with the God of the Bible.

How the Spiritual UFO Community Views Traditional Christians

Within the UFO community there are two primary religions: Atheism and New Ageism. Atheist UFO believers tend to favor the pure “evolution” theory to explain extraterrestrials. New Agers may also believe in evolution but are more open to the idea of there being a being called “Source”, the highest intelligence that kick-started the evolutionary process across the universe. Besides their religious belief in extraterrestrials, both of these groups have this in common: they consider traditional Christians to be stubborn and ignorant.

If you’ve spent even just a few hours listening to podcasts or YouTube channels of “spiritual” UFO believers, it won’t take long before you hear them start taking shots at traditional Christians. One particular leading voice in the Spiritual UFO community who directly confronts traditional Christian theology is James Gilliland. James is the founder of the shady ECETI Ranch (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and is also the host of a New Age UFO talk show called As You Wish Talk Radio.

Although many New Agers are quick to slander Christians without having almost any knowledge of the Bible, some, like James Gilliland, are actually fairly well-versed in the Scriptures. However, as you will hear in the clip below during his interview with “medium” Megan Rose, James is adept at twisting the Bible to fit into his New Age belief system where Jesus was supposedly an extraterrestrial hybrid, conceived by a human woman (Mary) with pure Lyrian genetics and Gabriel, an extraterrestrial from Andromeda. James seeks to “help” otherwise stubborn and ignorant Christians to view the Bible through the lens of New Age extraterrestrials.

“I’ve been talking to them more about the truth about Jesus, and I said ‘you know I’m not here to take Jesus away from you, I’m here to elaborate on it. It’s even more outrageous than you can imagine, that you’ve been told.’ And I said ‘the Creator is not a little old man with a beard and a laptop taking notes with a lightning rod in his hand.'”

James Gilliland

“But it’s true though, ‘do you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior?’ He wants to be your friend, not your “Lord”. That’s right in the Bible! That’s there. There’s definitely an ET connection if you read it closely.

Megan Rose

The clip below starts at the relevant part of the conversation. Relevant conversation ends around the 23:30 mark. The rest of the show is typical New Age dribble.

“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.”

Galatians 1:8

So there you have it. This is only one small example of how New Agers in the Spiritual UFO community view traditional Christians. We’re stubborn and ignorant for believing in the inspired Word of God and it’s their job to “educate” Christians of the “truth” about the Bible, God and Jesus. Which brings us to the final point of this article: Traditional Christians are actually the truly enlightened ones and it is the Spiritual New Agers who are stubbornly holding onto a fictional paradigm they’ve invented to fit their belief system.

The Antithesis

Because the West has been steeped in Christianity for so long it has lost its luster for those who seek the latest shiny things that catch their attention. Western society is always looking for the latest and greatest something. Whether that is the latest tech gadget, newest car, or even exotic belief systems. When we boil it down like this it’s all about covetousness. People strongly desire the things they do not already have. In this case, Westerners who have become bored with traditional Christianity are seeking the answers to life’s questions in whatever exotic belief system they come across.

Perhaps some of the blame lies with the failure of traditional Christians in the West to properly evangelize to our own neighbors. So much effort has been spent on evangelizing to foreign lands that we may have neglected our own house. Now is the time for true Christian believers in the West to step up, be bold and share our faith in a world that has become numb to the Christian message. New Agers and other supposedly “enlightened” people consider traditional Christians to be stubborn and ignorant, but in reality we are the ones who know the Truth about life and the universe. It’s the job of enlightened, traditional Christians to break the stubborn and ignorant New Agers out of their comfortable belief system so they come to realize the amazing and humbling Truth of God’s Salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord!


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