Jubilee – From the Darkness a False Savior Will Arise

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I found the following video interview with author Darrin Geisinger particularly interesting because it appears the Father has revealed some of the same truth to him as He did to me regarding the coming Great Delusion. In particular Darrin goes into detail about the likely scenario that Lucifer and his legions will perpetrate in order to usher in the Great Delusion. Darrin uses a fictional book to tell the story about the coming deception:

This thing starts out with a group of people who are dealing with the aftermath of a 10-year global economic meltdown where the entire world has, well, we’ve lost half our population, cities are rebuilding, basically the Illuminati pulled the card that we’re all expecting them to any moment and there was a great meltdown and so these people are coming out of that shift… the phoenix of the one world government/religion is really going to come about mainly after they melt everything down because they’re just not going to introduce it slow. The people are never going to deal with it.

So they’re dealing with the global economic meltdown, and the reason it stopped is because “they” came on the scene to save us. They stopped the pandemics they turned the lights back on. They outed the Illuminati and the banksters and the politicians and said “they were going to depopulate you and we wouldn’t have stepped in, we have rules against this mind you, but given a ‘last resort’ clause we were able to step in and say ‘stop this – they have to have a chance to evolve properly’.” So we’re worshiping them, they stopped all these things. They’re remaining hidden but we of course are devoted to this and so now everything “alien” is kind of like “savior”. And who are they? They’re remaining hidden but are they our creators?

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I do disagree with Darrin regarding his assessment of the Mark of the Beast being about genetic alternations rather than about worship, but otherwise his portrayal of the circumstances leading up to the “Arrival” event are very closely aligned with the information I was inspired to write in the Jubilee section of this website:

In the time shortly after alien disclosure happens there will be a massive change across the globe. Our new alien visitors will expose corrupt governments, collapse fiat currencies that have enslaved the nations, and will bring members of The Cabal to justice. Events will unfold rapidly and the paradigm shift will feel more like whiplash.

All of this will be done to build the trust of humanity. The fallen angels need to prove that they have our best interests at heart. Tyrannical governments, crushing debt and evil Satan-worshipers have been set up so they can be publicly destroyed when the aliens arrive.

Debt cancellation with financial system reform (see NESARA), arresting corrupt politicians and members of The Cabal… the people will feel liberated. Everyone will feel like they owe a debt of gratitude to our new alien visitors for exposing all the evil in the world. Humanity will feel like it’s entering a new golden age! Next, the aliens will focus on helping humanity heal from the generations of evil and corruption that plagued our world. Now will come the cries for peace and unity.


As Darrin says in this interview, the “aliens” are worshipped by humanity because they appear to be our saviors. Although I believe the ultimate goal of the fallen angels is to get humanity to worship ourselves rather than God, I’m sure they won’t mind a little human-worship, even if they feign objections to it.

Another interesting correlation I noticed between both of our portrayals of the Great Delusion is that there is likely to be a mysterious component to the “extraterrestrials”. Darrin mentions that even after they swoop in to save humanity they retreat and remain somewhat hidden. I mentioned a similar possibility in a recent article titled The Great Tease: Possible Precursor to the Arrival where I theorized that the fallen angels may need to whet our appetite for extraterrestrial contact before they make their grand entrance. Whether or not the fallen angels remain in the shadows during the whole Great Delusion or if they eventually make more direct contact is yet to be determined.

Regardless though, the key take-away is that these false “alien” saviors are going to swoop in during humanity’s darkest hour and supposedly bring us out of the ashes. Humanity will rejoice at the downfall of corrupt politicians, Satan-worshippers and greedy banksters that used the fiat Central Bank monetary system to enslave humanity for over a century. Will you be among the masses who are deceived by this trickery?

Do not rejoice, you Philistines,
that the rod that struck you is broken—
that the king who attacked you is dead.
For from that snake a more poisonous snake will be born,
a fiery serpent to destroy you!
Isaiah 14:29


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