Alien Deception – We’ve Been Primed For Aliens

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By Winston Smith

The academic in me wants to start with a survey of all the alien conspiracy theories out there… but that would be an enormous undertaking and you wouldn’t read it anyway. So let’s skip that bit – you probably know a handful by people who have devoted a lifetime to their particular conspiracy theory and have managed to commercialise the enterprise along the way. What I’ll attempt to do is sketch out a perspective and hopefully stimulate some conversation.

My take (or leaning) on aliens, alien technology, a possible future alien invasion, maybe a fringe one (as far as these things go) based on biblical and apocryphal writings. I’m presenting this as a matter of interest and I’m not dogmatic about any of it (if it makes it easier for you, read this piece as a bit of fiction writing – whatever helps you consider something outside of your frames of reference) – I’m no expert, and have had only a cursory interest over the years, but an interesting topic that seems to get most people talking, some people really… animated!

My Take

Let me cut to the chase right up front – My take on aliens is that it’s partly a psych ops in order to rally the world population together against a common enemy (and essential element of totalitarianism that would usually be other countries but in a one world order it has to come from elsewhere, I guess). But this is not a psych ops with no substance behind it – it’s a ploy with real teeth. You see I think it will be demons (stay with me now…) who will present themselves as aliens (OK so fallen angels are probably aliens in the strict use of the term, but they are not an evolved species from another planet). The reason would be to rally humanity under a single totalitarian system, a kingdom, with Lucifer himself seated as king (probably through a human proxy). If you thought the loss of freedom and coercion because of a virus or climate change was bad enough, imagine what could be imposed upon the masses if there was an existential threat from an alien force?

But you can’t tell me governments have been hatching this plan for generations? No, that’s right, they play a support role but haven’t written the script. It’s not the brainchild of the CIA, or any other natural entity – it’s a supernatural plan. People are just not that coordinated nor dedicated over generations to pull this one off.

I guess another version of demons masquerading as aliens is that they would be “good” aliens, bringing us medicine and technology and through these things unite the planet in a globalist utopia. It would have the same end – worship of the king of the kingdom of earth. But somehow my sense of the dramatic would rather go with the false enemy scenario – existential threat is way more powerful than kind gifts of technology to bring people under extraordinary control.

Here’s someone’s take on the good aliens…

Contactees have been told that the Space Beings hope to guide Earth to a period of great unification, when all races will shun discriminatory separations and all of humankind will recognize its responsibility to every other life form existing on the planet. The Space Beings also seek to bring about a single, solidified government, which will conduct itself on spiritual principles and permit all of its citizens to grow constructively in love. (Brad Steiger, The Fellowship: Spiritual Contact Between Humans and Outer Space Beings, 1988)

Wow Winston! How does an academic like you come up with that? You’re not part of the psych department’s psychedelic experiment are you?

Ah psychedelics – there’s another post about the control and manipulation of the masses under the guise of medicinal goodness! I’ll get back to you on that one.

Stay with me now…


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