The Great Deception – Theatrical Edition

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Back in the summer of 2020 a man named Joseph of the YouTube channel REVELATION STATION, created a movie scene montage depicting the Last Days by taking movie clips and combining them into a cohesive story from the book of Revelation. I stumbled upon his work randomly and watched his Great Tribulation Series. I’ve seen a lot of Biblical depictions of Revelation and the Last Days but one particular scene from his videos stood out to me.

In the middle of his Great Tribulation Series he showed scenes of fallen angels arriving to Earth as extraterrestrials. At the time this actually struck me in a profound way that I was not expecting. Up to this point in my life I was an avid sci-fi fan and although I was a Christian, I did believe in the concept of legitimate alien beings that could one day visit Earth. However, after I watched Joseph’s original “Great Deception” video, depicting the possibility of fallen angels posing as extraterrestrials, my world turned upside down.

Although the “alien” deception wasn’t the focal point of his original Great Tribulation Series, that one small scene sent me down a rabbit trail which eventually culminated in this website and God’s warning to me about the imminent deception that was about to befall the world.

Fast-forward a couple years and Joseph has been remastering some of his original Great Tribulation Series videos. Just today he posted the video below, titled “THE GREAT DECEPTION”. In this remastered version he’s expanded on the shorter scene of the “extraterrestrial” arrival and turned it into a whole video by itself. Give it a watch below!

Although some of his theatrical depictions of End Times prophecy is questionable I do believe Joseph has been, and is being led by the Holy Spirit. His original work had a cascade effect on myself, and based on the feedback I’ve received from readers of this website, many people have been blessed by this unconventional, yet critical message. Our God is indeed a mighty God who works in mysterious ways!

A disclaimer from Joseph’s own video:

‘THE GREAT TRIBULATION SERIES’ is a FICTIONAL MOVIE MONTAGE comprised from various clips in which I edited into a high intensity storyline. The series is entirely BASED off events prophesied in ‘THE BOOK OF REVELATION’ and elsewhere in the Bible. Viewers take note the series is NOT meant to be a DEFINED GUIDE to the Book of Revelation! The series is perhaps over embellished AND/OR highly underrated at certain points! I personally make no extremist claims as to the ACCURACY, INTERPRETATIONS, and TIMELINE displayed in this work. This was a 600+ hour project that took the entire year 2018 to create. My hope is to capture the attention of believers and unbelievers alike and to enlighten them visually to future prophetic possibilities and to point all to the Salvation found in Jesus Christ. Enjoy! God Bless, Joseph (Revelation Station)



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