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Back in June 2022 I did a comprehensive article on the whole “Q” or “QAnon” phenomenon. If you haven’t read that article yet I would suggest you do so before reading on as it will provide all the background about what “Q” is, how the movement has evolved over the years, and how I believe that it is a demonic honeypot to mislead Christians into believing in the coming Great Delusion.

I did the article in June just after “Q” returned from his longest 18-month hiatus. His return in June coincided with the overturn of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court. It was perfect timing for Q to re-emerge from the shadows because Christians were riding the high of that political victory over abortion. However, after making half a dozen posts Q went dark again for 130 days until two days before the 2022 US Midterm elections on November 6th 2022. Q then proceeded to make a series of posts about the election and encouraging followers to vote:

However, after Election Day, when it was clear to everyone that the exact same shenanigans that took place in the stolen 2020 Presidential Election happened almost exactly the same way again, Q then posted the following, pointing out how the US dollar is being inflated away by reckless monetary policy:

That type of stuff is pretty typical for Q and is part of the appeal to right-leaning patriots and conservatives. However, what comes next is very interesting from a Great Delusion perspective:

By November 18th many Republicans and conservatives were outraged about the stolen elections. Emotions were running high and Q is playing on those emotions. But as you see in the post #4963, Q ends his post with the mysterious word “Ascension”. I searched all previous 4962 posts by Q and never once did he mention the word “Ascension”.

Notice some of the other messages in post #4963: “Trust yourself”. My advice: don’t ever trust yourself. Your sinful heart will lead you astray and cause you to stumble. Instead, we should be trusting God and listening to Holy Spirit. He also repeats the word “Focus”, with the second repetition in all caps, “FOCUS”. Although people often think of meditation as a lack of focus on anything, there actually is a whole practice of meditation that does the opposite and requires the participant to really focus their mind on a particular target. Targets can include objects, thoughts, activities, emotions, etc.

Ok, so maybe this was just a fluke, right? Maybe Q didn’t mean to use “Ascension” in the context of the New Age, but was referring to something else in a vague way. However, on November 27th Q made another post (#4966) ending with the word “Ascension”:

Now Q is talking about DNA manipulation, the “repression” of mankind and how “knowledge is power”. At this point it’s quite clear that Q is steering his Christian, patriotic, conservative followers directly into the arms of the New Age. New Agers are actually pretty big Q followers and have been referencing his “drops” for years now.

How this all will play out is still unclear, but if this goes in the direction I think it’s going we’re about to see many fellow Christians get swept up into a New Age deception that’s been endorsed and orchestrated by this mysterious person called “Q”.

If you’ve read other parts of this website you’ll probably be familiar with my theories regarding how the Great Delusion will unfold. I theorize that fallen angels posing as benevolent extraterrestrials will suddenly arrive just in time to “save” humanity from impending disaster. Exactly what the disaster will be is unclear. It could be anything from a manufactured doomsday by the Illuminati Cabal, an approaching hostile alien race, or maybe even a natural space “anomaly” speeding towards Earth. Whatever the catalyst, these fallen angels, gaining the trust of humanity through awe and technological advancement, will advise mankind how to “ascend” to a higher dimension in order to avoid the coming disaster.

Humanity’s ascension will be billed as the only solution to save ourselves from extinction. If the Earth is ravaged by nuclear war, the extraterrestrials will advise that the only way to avoid the radiation poisoning, nuclear winter and eventual starvation is for the survivors to collectively “ascend” into a higher dimension. If they go with the “approaching alien army” threat, then they’ll say that the lower-vibrational aliens won’t be able to attack Earth if humanity collectively ascends to a higher vibrational existence where we’ll be safe. And if they go with the “approaching space anomaly” threat, then they’ll likewise advise that the anomaly is only harmful to lifeforms in lower vibrational states, and that we need to collectively “ascend” in order to allow the anomaly to pass by harmlessly.

No matter what they say is the reason for the impending threat, the solution is always the same: Ascension

How will humanity “ascend” to a higher dimension and/or vibration? Through collective, synchronized global meditation. The extraterrestrials will encourage humanity to practice focused meditations globally, probably on a particular day of the week (likely Sundays) in order to raise our collective vibration until we supposedly reach a “tipping point”.

If all this seems too far fetched to believe, just recall how quickly the world fell into idiotic obedience to medical and political authorities in 2020 during the COVID event. Humanity is extremely gullible and we have an unhealthy tendency to defer better judgement to authority figures. The supposedly super-advanced (both technologically and spiritually) extraterrestrials will be upheld indisputably as the authority figures in EVERYTHING. When the extraterrestrials tell us that there is a metaphysical connection between all human consciousness and that this connection has a direct effect on the energy of planet Earth, it will be impossible to argue or disprove their “science”.

Ascension will become the ultimate goal of humanity and anybody who is opposed to this goal, or “questions the science” will not only be ostracized from society, but eventually we’ll actually be killed. The extraterrestrials will assure everyone that those of us who are holding humanity back from ascending will simply reincarnate somewhere else in the universe, but that removing the dissidents from Earth (by killing us) is the only way to ensure that the rest of humanity collectively ascends and avoids the impending existential threat.

So when Q starts talking about “Ascension” this should definitely raise some major red flags with anyone who is paying attention. Stay away from Q. Trust in God, not in man, and definitely not in yourself!


  1. Anonymous

    Q is a military operation and the deep state wants to alter the DNA, not Q, they are fighting against it. The covid vaccines were the deep state plan to begin to achieve that reality and actually is a bioweapon.

    • Eiran

      Actually Q is most likely a psychological operation orchestrated by fallen angels in order to deceive right-wingers, patriots and liberty-lovers into worshipping themselves instead of God and to “grease the wheels” for the coming Great Delusion, in which New Age propaganda will play a central role. I call on all Christians who believe in Q to repent, turn away from following that deception, and believe in Jesus Christ instead!


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