UFO Over St. Petersburg Forces International Airport to Suspend Flights

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Earlier on Tuesday, the city authorities announced that Pulkovo International Airport has stopped accepting civilian flights, but didn’t reveal the reason for the move.

The Pulkovo administration said that flights will be delayed at least until noon local time (9am GMT). The airport and all its other services are operating as normal, it added.

According to Baza news outlet, jets were scrambled in the air as the so-called Kovyor (carpet) plan was activated in St. Petersburg. The plan is initiated in the event of an illegal incursion by an aircraft or UFO into the country’s airspace, according to the outlet.

Local outlet Fontanka claimed that the Defense Ministry had told Pulkovo’s administration that an unidentified flying object had been detected between 160km and 200km outside St. Petersburg. According to the procedure, the airport has to stop accepting flights in the event of such an incident.

A source told Ria-Novosti news agency that airspace around the city began reopening shortly after noon. Newspaper Kommersant reported that national air traffic regulator Rosaviatsia has told carriers that restrictions around St Petersburg have been lifted.

RT News: Airspace over St. Petersburg closed amid ‘UFO’ reports
Telegram: Intel Slava Z

After all the hoopla about “balloons” and “unidentified objects” being shot down over North America earlier this month, it is notable that a similar high-profile event just took place over a Russian city. For those unfamiliar with Russian geography, the city of St. Petersburg is over 500 miles from the Ukrainian conflict zone, so the chances that this was simply a Kiev UAV is unlikely.

Key Points:

  • The term “UFO” was intentionally used by Russia’s own State-sponsored news outlet RT
  • A large civilian international airport was temporarily closed due to this sighting, meaning this wasn’t just some fringe report
  • Military jets were scrambled to intercept the UFO and a special plan called “Carpet” was initiated
  • The location of the UFO sighting was well over 500 miles from the Ukraine border, practically eliminating the possibility of this being a UAV attack from the Kiev regime
  • The Russian Ministry of Defense and Russian government were forthcoming about the reasons for the airspace closure
  • As of the time of publishing this article, no explanation or cover story has been given to explain the true nature of the “UFO”
  • Although the UFO caused the Pulkovo International Airport to suspend flights, apparently it was actually spotted over a military facility some 180km away from St. Petersburg

Just like the high-profile “unidentified objects” that were shot down over the US and Canada earlier this month, and the UFO that the Chinese military was ready to shoot down, all these events are being publically broadcast by official governments and mainstream media outlets. This isn’t relegated to one or two nations, this is an international phenomenon. Part of this phenomenon is that they want the term “unidentified flying object” to be the buzzword that people latch onto. The question is, why?

I would speculate that the world’s military leaders and mainstream media executives are being heavily influenced, either knowingly or unknowningly, by the fallen angels who are trying to lay the groundwork for a future unveiling where they make open contact with humanity under the pretense of being a distant extraterrestrial race come to save us from something. What that something is exactly is yet to be determined. It could be a natural disaster (asteroid, black hole, space anomaly, magnetic pole-shift, climate change, etc) or it might be from the hostile alien threat of a third-party (The Greys or possibly even Christ Himself). Keep your eyes and ears open and be vigilant of anyone who tries to bring a “new gospel” or tries to redefine/”clarify” the history and nature of Christianity.


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