They Want You Looking Up

by | May 13, 2023 | Articles, News | 1 comment

There’s a reason the Cabal and their media puppets are keeping “UFO” balloons in the news cycle – they want people to subconsciously keep their attention on the skies. There’s been another recent “UFO” spotted over Poland. The news coverage is widespread but the substance of the story is shallow: an unidentified object was spotted briefly on radar before disappearing. A search is underway, but it probably won’t turn up anything.

Poland’s defence ministry Saturday said the unidentified flying object (UFO) that flew into Polish airspace most probably from Belarus was most likely a scientific observation balloon, but an investigation was still underway to establish this statement… Poland’s defence ministry said the object blipped on the radar for a while then it disappeared near Rypin, a town in north-central Poland. “A search for it was underway,” a Territorial Defence Force spokesman said.

Did Poland Just Witness a UFO?

Although there’s been a noticeable lull in UFO-related hype in the past couple months you can tell that they haven’t abandoned their plan to use an alien invasion to convince mankind to join the Galactic Federation instead of God’s Kingdom. I suspect that they are seeking the perfect balance of preparation so that most people are caught off-guard by the sudden extraterrestrial arrival, while subconsciously priming the masses to be receptive to benevolent alien saviors who were allegedly responsible for seeding life on Earth.

Don’t be deceived!

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  1. Dennis

    Yes, and a good fictional account of open contact can be found at and yes I am bias about the book because I wrote it. But I am also right. 🙂


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