Making that Fundamental Decision

by | May 27, 2023 | Movies | 0 comments

I recently came across this animated movie depicting the story of the Great Controversy between Christ and Satan. It’s a really well-made film and is closer to the Truth than most of the mainstream Christian understanding these days. The only missing component is the catalyst at the end of the film that initiates the great apostasy in the Last Days. Although the film accurately portrays the ecumenical moral decay at the End of the Age, it fails to elaborate on the cause. Will it be a gradual falling away over the course of normal human affairs, or will it be escalated more rapidly by the sudden unveiling of extraterrestrials, our “Elder Siblings”, who come bearing a new message for a New Age?

Personally I believe the latter is what is soon to be in store for humanity. Are you ready to make that fundamental decision to choose humble loyalty to the King of the Universe, or will you pridefully join the rebellion against the King?


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