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I’ve written several posts that previously covered interviews by Dr. Michael Salla, host of Exopolitics Today. Dr. Salla frequently has guests on from the New Age/Spiritual UFO community. People who “channel” alleged aliens, or those who claim to be in telepathic communication with benevolent extraterrestrials. However, recently I’ve noticed that Dr. Salla has started to invite professed Christians (and not Woo Woo New Age type “christians”) onto his platform.

About a month ago Dr. Salla invited Timothy Alberino onto his show for his first guest appearance. I’ve followed Alberino’s work for quite some time, including his groundbreaking book Birthright: The Coming Posthuman Apocalypse and the Usurpation of Adam’s Dominion on Planet Earth and have even featured some of his work in a previous article. Although I don’t agree with 100% of Alberino’s eschatology (theological positions concerning the Last Days), I do find most of his positions Biblically-grounded and fairly unique within the Christian community.

The central concept of Alberino’s work focuses on the fact that Christianity needs to get away from an anthropocentric worldview, where God created the universe for humans, and instead understand Creation from a Christocentric perspective, where the universe was created for and by Christ and in which humanity is NOT the focal point. That’s not to say that humanity is unimportant in God’s Cosmic Plan, indeed, we were created to settle a dispute that was tearing the Kingdom of Heaven apart! I’ve also written many times about the trap that is the pride of self-worship, and humanism, the worship of humanity instead of Christ God. I whole-heartedly agree with Alberino’s position that Christians need to get out of the anthropocentric mindset because that is exactly the trap that will cause so many supposed “Christians” to be deceived in the Last Days.

Here is Alberino’s first guest appearance on Exopolitics:

Now interestingly, about a week after Timothy Alberino’s first interview on Exopolitics, Dr. Salla then invited former FBI agent and author of The Extra-Dimensionals: True Tales and Concepts of Alien Visitors, John DeSouza, for his first interview on Exopolitics. Although DeSouza doesn’t come right out and state it outright, he is a genuine Christian who approaches the “alien” topic from a Biblical understanding. However, DeSouza takes a more subtle approach, unlike Alberino’s unapologetic Christian perspective. DeSouza tends to avoid getting theological in his interviews and leaves the more Biblical interpretations for readers of his book.

John DeSouza also was recently featured as a guest on the Christian podcast Blurry Creatures. In this interview he doesn’t shy away from taking the Biblical perspective in his examination of the “alien agenda”.

It’s worth noting that John DeSouza and Timothy Alberino have VASTLY different, pretty much opposing, viewpoints regarding these non-human entities. Alberino asserts that they are physical beings using real, yet super-advanced technology. We call them “angels” from the Biblical narrative, and in reality they are our elder siblings in God’s Royal Family. Some of these beings defected from God’s Kingdom and followed Lucifer in rebellion, while others remain loyal to the King.

DeSouza on the other hand believes that these non-human entities are not physical at all, rather they are extra-dimensional and don’t possess any physical technology. DeSouza also suggests that Earth is the only planet in the cosmos with sentient life, both in our dimension and the shared extra dimensions in which these beings exist. Whereas Alberino takes the position that there is likely sentient life throughout the universe and most of it is loyal to God’s Kingdom, Earth being the outlier due to our fall into sin in Eden. Personally I am more inclined to Alberino’s theory as that is also the understanding I’ve been given from God.

Recently, I was pleased to see that Dr. Salla invited Timothy Alberino back onto his show for a second interview only a few days ago. You can watch that interview below:

The reason I’m most excited about Alberino’s appearances on Exopolitics is that Dr.Salla has a HUGE following of some of the most anti-Christian, human-worshipping, Galactic Federation-trusting people. The vast majority of the Exopolitics audience are New Agers or otherwise involved with or adjacent to the “Spiritual ET” community. These are people who would otherwise fall head-over-heels for whatever garbage the fallen angels in the Galactic Federation feed to humanity after their Arrival. These are people who either have no knowledge of true Christianity, or strongly oppose Christianity based on a warped understanding of our values.

Alberino and DeSouza’s recent interviews on Exopolitics are much needed evangelism to a community in desperate need of the Truth. Personally I believe that the Arrival will occur within our lifetimes and that Lucifer and the other apostate Sons of God will rely heavily on people within the Spiritual ET community to spread their false gospel throughout the world. It seems that God has orchestrated these events so that those who are currently blind and lost in the UFO New Age community are being exposed to genuine Christian beliefs that are actually consistent with the concept of “extraterrestrials”.

Obviously not all Exopolitics followers will be suddenly converted to Christianity, but I believe that God is using Alerbino and DeSouza to plant the seeds of Biblical Truth in the hearts of certain individuals within the Spiritual UFO community so that when the time comes for Lucifer and his legion to launch their Great Delusion against humanity there are some key people who can counter the false gospel of the Galactic Federation. These former-members of the Spiritual ET community will serve God in much the same way that Paul of Tarsus served Him. Paul (formerly Saul) was a stanch persecutor of the early Christians, and his sudden conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus strengthened his testimony and made him one of the most effective evangelists in history. I wonder how many former New Age “Sauls” are being converted into “Pauls” through the gospel message being brought by people like Timothy Alberino and John DeSouza… time will tell!

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