Meritology Part 3: When the Carrot Stops Working

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In part 2 of this Meritology series we examined how COVID has prepared humanity to worship and obey those who we perceive as “experts” in the field of science and technology. If you haven’t read the first article Meritology Part 1: The Psuedo-Religous Worship of Science and Experts, I suggest you do so before you continue because it lays the groundwork for what is discussed below.

Much like the plateauing of the COVID vaccination initiative, once public acceptance of the “aliens” starts to level-off, they will need to switch from the carrot to the stick to fulfill the rest of their agenda. At some point Lucifer and his fallen angels will reveal a threat to humanity; some enemy “alien” faction or an impending natural disaster that is threatening Earth. They may even claim that the approach of this enemy or disaster is what forced them to break their Prime Directive and reveal themselves to a lesser-developed civilization.

No matter whether the fallen angels decide to go with the “hostile alien attack” or the “natural disaster” threat, it’s not hard to imagine the response from the majority of humanity, especially if the arrival of the benevolent Galactic Federation aliens has already been widely accepted. The fallen angels pretending to be alien representatives of the Galactic Federation will be lauded as the foremost experts in the upcoming showdown. World leaders will defer their policy decisions to the recommendations from the Galactic Federation and a worldwide “State of Emergency” will be declared, effectively suspending democracy and civil rights.

Once the fallen angels switch tactics, from the carrot to the stick, there won’t be any patience for those of us who question the mainstream narrative. There won’t be any leeway given to conscientious objectors and there won’t be any religious exemptions given. Furthermore, you can be sure that regardless of the type of alleged outside threat, the solutions proposed by the fallen angels will be anything but conventional.

The Galactic Federation won’t just push conventional solutions like building of space-based weapons/defenses to ward off an alien attack or replacing carbon-emitting technologies to fight climate change. The primary solution proposed by the fallen angels will be all about worship. As discussed in the Tribulation section of this website, the fallen angels will probably teach a new pseudo-science that demonstrates a metaphysical/spiritual connection between humanity and nature. There will be much talk about “ascending to a higher dimension” and “dimensional shifts”. Meditation will not only be fashionable, but eventually it will become compulsory.

In the “hostile alien invasion” scenario, laws will be passed that require meditation on a global scale in order to repel the negative energies of the approaching enemy. We’ll be told that the only hope humanity has to survive the attack is to unite as an entire planet, raise our vibrational frequency, and ascend into a higher dimension where the hostile aliens can’t hurt us (because the premise will be that the hostile aliens exist at the same lower-vibrational frequency as present-day Earth). Those who refuse group mediations, likely on Sundays (the venerable Day of the Sun), will be persecuted and eventually killed. What will be the justification for mass extermination of dissidents? They’ll say that those who refuse to meditate (worship) on Sundays are preventing mankind from raising the Earth’s vibrational frequency and are therefore traitors to the human race, aiding and abetting the approaching enemy aliens. By culling the dissidents they’ll claim that the remaining collective consciousness of mankind will finally be able to unite and humanity can “ascend” into a higher dimension.

In the “natural disaster” scenario, the same types of laws will also be introduced requiring Sunday meditations. The stated goal will generally be the same as the “hostile alien invasion” scenario, except that instead of ascending to a higher dimension to escape an “alien” threat, humanity will be ascending to a higher dimension to escape a natural threat. The natural threat could be a number of different things: catastrophic climate change, a magnetic pole-shift, a gamma ray burst, a “solar flash” event, etc. Take your pick. The fallen angels will go with whatever humanity is willing to gobble up at the time. Regardless of the exact threat, the proposed solution always revolves around global Sunday meditation to raise our vibrational frequency and ascend to a higher dimension.

You might be wondering how they’ll be able to enforce global meditations. Obviously they won’t be able to force everyone, everywhere to meditate on Sundays. However, the recent COVID restrictions may provide insight into some of the mechanisms that will be used to coerce compliance. Group meditations could be setup in existing religious facilities worldwide. Attendees would be able to prove their attendance via smartphone tracking applications. Those who are unable or unwilling to attend in-person meditation groups on Sundays may be required to prove their compliance by taking a photo/video of themselves meditating in their home (like Australia is already doing to enforce COVID quarantines), or be forced to attend a virtual meditation session online.

Just like the COVID vaccine mandates, global Sunday meditations will start off voluntary with a slick promotional campaign to drum-up interest and compliance. Celebrity endorsements, financial incentives, social peer-pressure… but eventually the powers-that-be will switch from the carrot to the stick when the remaining number of dissidents refuse to comply. The Technocratic Police State, enhanced with advanced new technologies from the Galactic Federation, will then be weaponized against political, moral and religious dissidents.

After reading all this you may be feeling scared or depressed at this point. What chance do we have of winning against fallen angels posing as aliens? The good news is that we have a far stronger ally in this fight, His name is Jesus (Yahshua). He has promised that these dark days will be cut short for the sake of His elect. Lucifer won’t be permitted to simply exterminate all true Christian believers in the Last Days. Mercifully, Yahshua will intervene to end the Great Delusion and save His people before everyone is lost or killed. You can read more about how this story ends in the Tribulation, The Harvest, Millennium, Final Judgement and New Earth sections of this website.

In fact, unless that time of calamity is shortened, not a single person will survive. But it will be shortened for the sake of God’s chosen ones.

Matthew 24:22 (NLT)


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