The Great Tease: Possible Precursor to the Arrival

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Something’s Coming

We’re rapidly coming up on the 1-year anniversary of the June 2021 official government UAP report. The report turned out to be less exciting than many UFO enthusiasts had hoped forA. Nevertheless, it seeded the idea that UFO’s (UAP’s) are a legitimate phenomenon that the government is starting to take seriously. On May 17th (tomorrow) the U.S. Congress will hold a public hearing on UAP’sB. This has reignited the fire in the UFO community as the prospect of official “Disclosure” becomes plausible again.

In addition, several high-profile programs like the James Webb Telescope and the Galileo Project at Harvard have UFO enthusiasts buzzing about the potential for their religious belief in extraterrestrials to be validated by the priests of modern scienceC.

The Appetizer

If you haven’t read the Arrival section of this website I suggest you pause and go read it first because it lays the groundwork for what I’m about to discuss.

In the Arrival section I speculate that Lucifer will kick-off the Great Delusion with a global extraterrestrial arrival event that will likely take place suddenly, possibly even simultaneously on a single day. However, consider the ramifications if such an act is carried out without the proper psychological conditioning. Even if Lucifer and his band of merry “aliens” show up and claim to come in peace, the suddenness of their arrival is likely to work against their agenda. Even with the decades of Hollywood brainwashing to accept the possibility of benevolent alien saviors, mankind is still more likely than not to resist such a grandiose entrance.

Lucifer and his legions want maximum cooperation upon their arrival. Hollywood science fiction has been highly effective in greasing the wheels, but even so, a sudden extraterrestrial arrival event, even a super-peaceful entrance with smiling human-looking Nordic aliens, will still encounter substantial opposition from both religious and secular skeptics alike.

However, consider this: Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels execute a much smaller-scale, perhaps gradual event, or series of events, that are designed specifically to pique humanity’s curiosity so that we start proactively seeking out contact with extraterrestrials. To some extent humanity has already been trying both passive and active methods of extraterrestrial contact for decades, but for the most part these activities have been fringe programs and never really gained mainstream adoption.

So therefore, prior to any large-scale “Arrival” event, the fallen angels are likely to engage in some sort of smaller deception that wets humanity’s appetite for extraterrestrial contact on a scale never seen before. Maybe they convince astrobiologists that they found life on another planet. Or maybe a high-profile archeology discovery reveals some ancient extraterrestrial technology. Perhaps they stage an increasing number of irrefutable public UFO (UAP) sightings around the world. Maybe they generate a signal that seems to be sent from a far-off planet that “proves” there are advanced extraterrestrial civilizations out there.

There are countless possible scenarios that could be used, but the goal is always the same: get humanity to crave extraterrestrial contact so that we proactively seek them out. That way humanity won’t panic and will instead welcome our “alien” brethren with open arms when they show up and say “Hello mankind, we heard you called, how can we help?”

The emotional dynamic of the big Arrival event will be much different if the “extraterrestrials” are cordially-invited guests and not unsolicited visitors.



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