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So this short film is a bit of a blast from the past. It was originally produced by Pepsi and released in November of 2015. At the time I actually never even heard of it, or if I did I simply don’t recall. In 2015 the LORD had not yet opened my eyes to see the truth about the Great Delusion. However, looking back at this short film it’s quite obvious that Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels have been prepping humanity for their Arrival for quite some time.

By modern Internet standards this short film is very old, nearly 7 years old now – but I think it’s worth examining films like this because they expose the subliminal programming that has been going on for decades. The slow and steady conditioning through media to accept the concept of benevolent, advanced extraterrestrial beings who want to share their wisdom and technology with humanity – IF we can “unite” as “one world”.

The short synopsis of the film is that this extraterrestrial satellite called the “Black Knight” is orbiting Earth and giving off a radio signal that people eventually figure out how to decode. The “alien” signal asks humanity that if we want them to come back then we need to show them that we are ready. The film then goes on to show how groups of people from all over the world collaborate to construct “welcome” signs that can be seen from space. The “Black Knight” sees these “signs” from humanity and activates – implying that the show of unity worked and the aliens deemed us worthy of contact.

The core concept here is that we must invite the “extraterrestrials” to come make contact. Much like the CE5 mediation technique used to summon UFOs, Lucifer and other fallen angels depend entirely on our cooperation and invitations. In a recent article titled The Great Tease: Possible Precursor to the Arrival I theorize that the Arrival may be spurred on by a “tease” event that gets humanity salivating for alien contact. Here’s a quote from that article:

Consider this: Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels execute a much smaller-scale, perhaps gradual event, or series of events, that are designed specifically to pique humanity’s curiosity so that we start proactively seeking out contact with extraterrestrials.

So with this in mind, take a look at the film for yourself and then we’ll go into more detail below:

Decoding the Luciferian Symbolism

I had plans to write up a whole article decoding all the symbolism in this short film that relates to the Great Delusion, but then I stumbled across a now-defunct blog that already captured all my own points. So, for brevity I will be republishing the original analysis from ShofarBlastBlog below:

For those of you who have been following the NWO and Illuminati agenda, you will recognize what’s going on here.  For those of you who have not been following that or are new to this concept, this is a propaganda piece to program the masses to do exactly what the film portrays: drop borders, drop any differences, and unite in a New World Order to welcome an alien savior that will save us from all of our problems…only we’ll end up being servants in a structure that contains only elites and servants.

And those who resist the idea will be viewed as dissenters who are holding the world back from reaching Nirvana.

Did global persecution come to mind?

L.A. Marzulli has been writing and speaking on this for years.  I highly recommend his work, such as Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, The Cosmic Chess Match, and On The Trail of the Nephilim.

He has stated that the appearance of an extraterrestrial presence very well could be part of the great end-times deception that contributes to the “great falling away”, referring to large numbers of people turning away from G_d and to something or someone else.

“Now, brethren, concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (Yeshua) and our gathering together to Him, we ask you, not to be soon shaken in mind or troubled, either by spirit or by word or by letter, as if from us, as though the day of Christ[a] had come. Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the great falling away (apostasy; a turning away.) comes first, and the man of sin[b] is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called G_d or that is worshiped, so that he sits as G_d[c] in the temple of G_d, showing himself that he is G_d.”
–II Thessalonians 2

If major contact is made by these beings and it is promulgated by the governing body of the planet (NWO) there would be nothing else on TV, on the news, on the lips of everyone you know.

Do you think that would be a game-changer for many people?  Thinking that there is no G_d, just “higher” beings from another planet?  All the seasons of the series Ancient Aliens would have fulfilled its mission laying the groundwork and planting the seeds in the hearts and minds of the world.

This film seems to say disclosure is coming, or even more, that contact will be revealed.

The Illuminati are very big into symbols and use them throughout their propaganda.  This has been documented very thoroughly.  There are several great analyses done on the past couple of Super Bowl Halftime Shows, particularly the one with Katy Perry, which seemed the most direct communication yet.  And the smash hit song that was part of the musical landscape at that time?  ET, with lyrics that said, “infect me with your love, fill me with your poison“.

It’s all “supernatural” and “extraterrestrial.”  The Black Knight Decoded film sings that same theme very loudly.

Something that many people have a difficult time understanding is that in the world of Luciferians, they are required to tell you what they are going to do to you before they do it.

That helps reveal that the analysis is not from some crazy guy selling stuff out of his trunk, rambling with crazy ideas. These people say it themselves; and then it is followed up with the action.

And, these propaganda pieces display that very well.  So we should expect to see that in the Pepsi film if it’s guided by their agenda, right?

Well, we find some interesting things in this film-short. I listed bullet points in the order they appear in the film. I also include the quotes for reference.

  • In short, the film states the Black Knight satellite is a reality; there has been a ongoing effort to make contact with the beings related to it; contact has been made; a voice sends instructions; the world responds in kind; and the satellite approaches earth, opening up: then the film ends. (Insert shiver here.) Brrr.
  • I’ve already stated the push for a New World Order that is in the piece.
  • It pushes the idea that humans were seeded here, not by the supreme G_d who created us but by other worldly beings.  The idea that we were seeded here by extra-terrestrials is called “panspermia”.
  • In these groups, the Anunnaki play a very prominent role.  Read about that here.
  • In this film short, we have the voice of the returning Black Knight satellite provided by Usher; as in ‘usher in a new world order’. Of all the options, they chose Usher.
  • We see the beautiful, female lead named, Ahna.  Not Anna, but Ahna, which is close to the pronunciation of Anunnaki.
  • They portray the government as blocking the wonderful connection.  The government has, in fact, withheld the truth about contact for a long time, as many countries around the world released their UFO files.  But it is not the wonderful thing people often think it will be.  There is a reason that several top scientists have said that calling out to alien lifeforms is colossally dangerous.
  • The name of the film is then displayed, Black Knight.  Notice they didn’t use “night” but “Knight” which intentionally implies person-hood.  And, they didn’t choose to make a film about a White Knight, now did they?  Though the name of the real satellite was given by the government many years ago; that is also very interesting.
  • The satellite sends a voice message that says they created us and are returning but only “if you’re ready.”  In satanism and the occult the forces of darkness must be invited in.
  • The satellite sends a signal that is received, tuned in, and responded to with a global, coordinated effort of all people groups creating welcome signs that can be seen from space.  The world, united in purpose, literally calls out to the beings.
  • The message turns out to be “ancient Sumerian cuneiform”.  The Anunnaki are Sumerian gods.
  • You still have so much to learn“, always comes with this scenario.  There is a consistent implication with these people that belief in the G_d of the Bible is primitive and backward but they always portray these aliens as being in the position of teachers, teachers of technology and supernatural reality.  And, in the Book of Enoch (An extra-biblical text that is a useful historical reference.  We are given permission to use this book due to it being quoted several times in the biblical texts.) that is exactly what we find, that the fallen angels teach mankind technology, among other things.
  • If the world wants to reunite with their “creators” they must display their intentions on “the next full moon“.  Why not in the full light of day?  It doesn’t take much to get that one.  The full moon is very important in occult practices.
  • The people of earth must show us they are ready.”  There they go again, asking for permission to enter.
  • We will be watching.”  As if they are omniscient…like the G_d of the Bible that they preach to us is so backward and unevolved.  And, the design of the craft features an eye reminiscent of an alien gray and looks very much like the head of a serpent. Hello???? Wake up, people!
  • They will come “if we send the right message.”  Exactly.  If you are looking for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords you won’t be on their frequency at all!  Don’t be deceived by these impersonators of Angels of Light.
  • If this actually works, it’ll change everything.”  You got that right.  You will release the forces of darkness in a way you can’t even comprehend…but the Illuminati and the Luciferians know exactly what’s coming.  “Let’s trust it’s for the better.”  You are putting your trust in the wrong place!
  • Time for the show.”  I think they’re right on this; I think the time has come.  The world is ready to give themselves over to a power higher than themselves…as long as it’s not the G_d of the Bible.  But unfortunately, the higher power they welcome is the imitation not the real.  The forces of darkness come only to steal, kill, and destroy!
  • The couple set off the light display and then start to hold hands, to “reunite” with each other.  The whole experience is sold as bringing humanity together in love and harmony.  There is only one place to find true love and peace: the person of Yeshua (Jesus Christ).  Then the child walks around “in the light”.
  • The craft responds to the signal and activates; we see the view of the world from a window inside the craft.
  • We then see various signs and symbols from around the world calling out to the aliens.  It’s not just an individual thing; the world is calling out.  It is called, “a miracle.”
  • The song begins.  The name of the song is Miracle.  The lyrics say, “Something I believe in,” and “It’s better than walking on water,” then show a picture of the craft high above the earth, which seems a clear reference to the Yeshua of the Bible, indicating their superiority.  They seem to say, “The miracles of Yeshua?  Bah!  Those were just stories.  Watch this!”

Here are the lyrics used in the film sung by Usher:

I see it in your face
It’s written in your eyes
Burnin’ like the sun in the sky
Girl I swear, swear that I can taste
Taste it every time that we touch
Girl, I can’t get enough
Feel the world slow down as our hearts speed up
If the night burns out then fire it up with something
Something I believe in
I see it all around
So glad that I found, that I found you

Better than walking on water
Or breathing in space
Miracle, oh-oh
Didn’t know we’d overcome
Impossible, oh-oh
Making it rain

  • Then the voice of the main character in the film comes on:

And on this day, we came together with one voice, one purpose, as one world.  (On screen the hands reconnect.  Instantly it cuts from the hands reconnecting to the craft opening up.)  And a new world opened up, bringing us as close to space as we were to each other.” Joining with the aliens?? That sounds like Katy Perry again. When we unite in a one world order, a new world will open up? You should have goose bumps.

  • Now, the moment has arrived and the hands intertwine.  Does that mean you will be intertwined with the aliens?  Is this a reference to genetic manipulation?  Transhumanism?  DNA “enhancements” or a third strand added because G_d didn’t do a good enough job? It most certainly sounds like Genesis 6.

It’s interesting that the bible already speaks on that point in Genesis 6, when during the times of Noah, the fallen angels (supernatural beings) took women and had children with them giving the planet the Nephilim.  This same story is also told in First-Nations tribal history.  And the other connection?  In Matthew 24 when Yeshua was asked what the signs of His return would be, there are two vital points: First, “do not be deceived,” which He repeats, and second, that it will be “like the days of Noah.”

  • The film cuts to text on-screen: “THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING.” But the truth is, it is the beginning of the end. Certain destruction will unfold as mankind falls for the alien deception, just as horrific destruction followed the birth of the Nephilim: all because mankind believed the lie of the supernatural being who is the Father of Lies. It happened when the supernatural beings came to earth in Genesis 6, trading technology and lies for permission to intertwine. Now, the entire story is happening again, leading to the destruction and iniquity that will herald the return of the Messiah.
  • All these things are displayed prominently, not buried in the film where we need to slow it down and zoom in.  For example, Ahna’s name is displayed large and proud on a cell phone receiving her call.
  • As the film closes with credits, Usher says, “When you hear ‘Miracles’ and you watch ‘Black Knight Decoded’, what you see is a collaboration of visual and music coming together in a way that’s more relevant than just the song.”

That means that the film gives the song it’s true meaning.

I have to say, that this seems to be a clear representation of Illuminati propaganda.

This is no cheap commercial: top music talent, top level acting performances, great special effects, and footage shot from the space station, in addition to cooperation with eleven countries participating!

Why is there a need for all of this?

First rule of commercials?  They are not your friends nor are they benign public service announcements.  They exist for one reason and one reason only: to manipulate you mentally and emotionally to make you feel you want or need something that you don’t want or need.

What do they want to make us “need”?

I have a bad feeling about this one.  And just like Katy Perry’s “Alien” song that every child in the country was singing, “fill me with your poison…ready for abduction,” the children will be singing this one as well.


  1. Jacque Johnson

    I think a lot of the ancient astronaut “artifacts” are either changed, to add flying vehicles or mistranslated to help their agenda. Michael Heiser debunks the claims of Zachariah Sitchin, saying he has no idea what those tablets really say and has no qualifications to translate them!


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