They Will Teach You to Worship Yourself

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A reoccurring warning I emphasize through this website is to be on the guard not only for the eventual Arrival (Disclosure) of alleged “extraterrestrial” visitors who are really fallen angels, but for the message they will come bearing. Recognizing the fallen angels for who they really are is not enough to withstand the Great Delusion. The reason being is that they technically are what they say they are: extraterrestrials from an advanced civilization.

Let me explain: fallen angels are technically not from this Earth; their original habitation was elsewhere. Whether that was in Heaven or on other unfallen worlds is not explicitly defined in the Bible. All we know about fallen angels is that they A) existed before humanity was created, B) possess abilities that are supernatural compared with human abilities and C) left/were exiled from their original homes when they rebelled against God.

Timothy Alberino explains this quite clearly:

The “Gospel” of Fallen Angels

Now that we’ve covered the groundwork to establish who and what fallen angels are (and what they are not), we now need to examine the message that they are going to bring upon their Arrival. “Angel” simply means “Messenger” and in the Bible we see many examples of holy angels delivering messages from God. Bringing a message is part of the fundamental nature of angels, fallen and unfallen. Therefore we can expect fallen angels to deliver a message too, except this message won’t be from God.

As I’ve mentioned in a couple previous posts, like The Sabbath & Self-Worship and The Antichrist and the Third Temple, don’t be surprised when the fallen angels arrive but refuse to be worshipped as gods. As much as Lucifer and fallen angels love to be worshipped as deities, they realize they can ensnare more humans to disobey God by convincing us to worship ourselves above all else. That’s right, the “Gospel” of the fallen angels will be all about how we are all “gods” and how the only way to become spiritually enlightened is to look within (worship) ourselves.

It’s a very clever trick. Modern society, religious and otherwise, is very guarded against the idea of “worshipping” other beings in the traditional sense. Society of course has many other forms of worship (celebrities, politics and sports being a few obvious examples). Naturally when “extraterrestrials” drop out of the sky nearly everyone should, and probably will scrutinize their intentions. In the early days, shortly after the Arrival, if people start picking up on the vibes that these “extraterrestrials” desire to be worshipped like gods the whole charade will be over.

Instead, the fallen angels will do what comes naturally to them, they will come bearing a message, a new “Gospel”: you are all divine, worship yourselves. A flattering message if there ever was one! Aided by the supernatural abilities of the fallen angels, you can be sure that those already in the New Age movement who have been preaching this message for decades will suddenly exhibit supernatural abilities themselves (signs and wonders) that will be shown as evidence of the validity of this new “Gospel”.

Think about it. If some high-profile New Age personalities start to manifest abilities like teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy (all unknowingly aided by fallen angels secretly bestowing these abilities to the human, like a parlor trick) – won’t people be convinced of the veracity of our new “alien” visitors? The sales pitch will be slick. It’ll emphasize how you don’t need to give up anything or sell your soul – all you need to do is meditate and connect with your own “higher self”.

It might sound fanciful now, in our pre-Arrival society. But rest assured, in a world turned upside down by the sudden arrival of benevolent “extraterrestrials”, it won’t be hard at all for this self-absorbed paradigm to take root and flourish.

Although the fallen angels have not yet been allowed to reveal themselves en masse, they have been delivering this new “Gospel” message to select people with a voice in the New Age/Spiritual ET movement. I’ve previously exposed the New Age “contactee” Elena Danaan in my post Channelling: Whispers of Fallen Angels. In the last nine months Elena’s following in the New Age/Spiritual ET community has exploded and she has been consistently pushing out new “contact” messages she claims to be receiving telepathically from a variety of different fallen angels extraterrestrials.

Below is an excerpt from another recent “contact” that she channelled received:

In your Terran (Earth) religions you have been told that you were made in the image of God. Well you truly are because what you name “God” is in truth the Source of all consciousness – of all life – and you are the fractal of it. In truth your light being, your soul, is totally an image of Source. Source is you. You are Source.

It will come in your times that you will feel that you will need to walk away from the institutions of religions. You will not need to gather in a building to listen to an intermediary, because you are about to discover that you are your own church. You are the intermediary. You are the bridge to the direct connection to Source and this door is within your heart. We are all what you call divine beings because we are all a fractal of the consciousness of Source. When you know this you know your place in the universe.

Elena Danaan channelling a fallen angel called “Oona”

Once you have eyes to see it should be painfully obvious what the agenda of these fallen angels will be as soon as they publically arrive in the guise of extraterrestrials. Yahshua (Jesus) couldn’t have been more clear about how we are to approach our Creator, and it certainly isn’t by or through our own power:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
John 14:6



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