Controlled Opposition in the Coming Great Delusion

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Today I want to bring a very serious matter to the attention of readers: Controlled Opposition

You may or may not have heard this term thrown around. In the recesses of conspiracy theory websites this epithet is often leveled at big names in the fringe/alt media like Alex Jones, Jack Posobiec and David Wilcock. Often these people are labeled as “controlled opposition” because they have a large (and dedicated) following, but are often seen as having been compromised somehow so that they only spoon-feed their base with information that their invisible handlers allow (also called a “limited hang-out”)

In reality, it is doubtful that the CIA (or whoever) is secretly having meetings with big names in the alt media industry to surreptitiously set a narrative that is compatible with the goals of the Deep State. However, there is an enemy far more dangerous than the CIA that is capable of controlling, or at least influencing, voices in the alt/fringe media: Lucifer and his legion of fallen angels.

In a traditional understanding of “Controlled Opposition”, the notion is that the figurehead being controlled from the shadows is somewhat aware of or complicit in their involvement and is cooperating either because of blackmail, financial gain, or some other self-interested reason (or combination thereof). However, with fallen angels it is possible for a media personality to have genuine intentions of exposing fringe topics, but to be misled by the whispers of rebellious angels seeking to control, disrupt, distract and/or undermine their efforts.

One such example of this in the field of Christianity and the UFO movement, is SkyWatch TV. SkyWatch TV was started by Tom Horn back in 2014 and features a lot of content that focuses on the Christian perspectives of UFO’s, prophecy and the supernatural. When I first became aware of the coming Great Delusion I actually looked into SkyWatch TV for more information because they seemed to already be clued-in on the fact that “aliens” were actually demons and/or fallen angels.

However, as I watched and listened to their content I started to get some red flags right way. One big red flag is that Tom Horn’s success and fame is mainly predicated on his own personal prophecies, one of which is often touted as “evidence” of his genuine spiritual gift. Apparently in April of 2012 Tom Horn published a book titled Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope Is Here in which he “predicted” that Pope Benedict XVI would resign, the first pope to do so in over 600 years. Less than a year later, on February 11th 2013, pope Benedict XVI did indeed announce his resignation – a fact that Horn’s supporters claim as evidence of his prophetic gift.

On face value it would appear that Horn accurately predicted a legitimately rare event. However, as it turns out, pope Benedict XVI was already rumored to be contemplating retirement as far back as September 2011:

There is one front page news story that will certainly not go unnoticed: that is, that the Pope is thinking about resigning during the Spring of 2012. Journalist Antonio Socci has confirmed the same in the Italian daily, Libero.

Media say Pope may resign in April – Vatican Insider (September 25, 2011

So it seems a bit disingenuous to claim that Horn spontaneously predicted something no one else could have predicted based on the rumor mill. That’s obviously a huge red flag that screams “false prophet” to me. In listening/watching some of SkyWatch TV’s programs I’ve also noticed that many of their presenters hold a “pre-trib rapture” position, meaning they believe that Jesus will rapture His Church prior to the Great Tribulation. This doctrine is also a huge red flag because if it is untrue, then adherents to this belief system will be more likely to deny the actual events of the Great Tribulation because in their worldview, if they haven’t been raptured yet, then it couldn’t be the Great Tribulation!

The final red flag I got from SkyWatch TV is the paywall nature of their content. It is inconceivable for a true prophet or Christian ministry to hide their prophecies and writings behind a paywall so only those who financially contribute can access the soul-saving information. Whether it’s in the form of documentaries, books, conventions or magazines, if the only way to get access to the information is to purchase it in one form or another, then you are most likely dealing with a false prophet and/or controlled opposition.

I get that creating films and writing books is not free, but that’s why a true Christian ministry should rely solely on voluntary financial contributions through donations. Books and documentaries should be offered free-of-charge with a request for donation if the viewer/reader finds the content valuable. That is why I don’t put this site behind a paywall or require payment for the ebook. All of this information is freely provided because that’s what my Heavenly Father has called on me to do. If you find it valuable and want to contribute to the cost of this website please consider sending Bitcoin donations to the address in the website footer.

Now here comes the tricky part: how do you discern if someone is “Controlled Opposition” and what do you do with that assessment?

The number 1 way to discern the Truth is through prayer. When faced with the possibility of conflicting or compromised information you need to ask our Heavenly Father for spiritual guidance.

If you suspect someone is “Controlled Opposition” and is possibly being led astray by the whispers of fallen angels you will need to listen very carefully to what Holy Spirit is telling you. If you hear, read or see something that is shocking or new, you need to be walking right with God in order to have the spiritual clarity to discern truth from any potential lies or misinformation mixed into the message.

Here is a great example: Tom Horn and SkyWatch TV are very critical of the pope and the Vatican. They are convinced that this institution will be used in the Last Days to usher in fallen angels posing as extraterrestrials. “Great!” you might be saying, “that’s exactly what I believe is going to happen, too!” But pay attention to what they’re NOT saying about the Vatican… do they ever examine the Vatican’s decision to change the day of worship from the Biblical Sabbath (Saturday) to the first day of the week (Sunday)? Nope, that piece of the puzzle is conspicuously missing.

That’s one of the main reasons I’m concerned that SkyWatch TV is Controlled Opposition in this Spiritual Battle. They correctly point out the true nature of the extraterrestrial threat and they accurately denounce the apostasy of the Catholic Church (at least the leadership in the Vatican), but what is their solution or their warning to their readers and viewers? What action are people supposed to take with this information?

It’s not enough to simply reject the coming extraterrestrials and call them out for being what they truly are, fallen angels. It’s not enough to denounce the leadership of the Catholic Church and point out their involvement with the deception. KNOWING about the Great Delusion is only the first step. REPENTING and returning to a Biblical life is the next crucial step. After the Arrival, when governments in collaboration with benevolent “extraterrestrials”, start pushing global worship on Sundays, will the folks at SkyWatch TV counter this deception and lead their viewers to start keeping the 7th-day Sabbath instead of the Vatican’s Sunday? Or will they just be jumping up and down, vacuously trying to convince the masses of the true nature behind the extraterrestrials? I suspect the latter.

Lucifer and the fallen angels don’t really mind if there are some folks that claim they are actually fallen angels, so long as Christians continue to fall into self-worshipping apostasy, joining in the new Universal (catholic) religion that worships on SUNdays and allows the persecution of the strange minority of Christians that still insist on keeping the 7th-day Sabbath holy. Nonetheless, even if my suspicions about SkyWatch TV are true and they are being manipulated by fallen angels, it’s never too late for them to realize the Truth, shut out the whisperers, open the paywall and come to recognize the importance of 7th-day Sabbath worship in the Last Days. I pray that they come to this realization in God’s perfect timing.


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