The 10 Climate Commandments

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Global Warming, or in modern parlance, “Climate Change” has always been a type of religion. The priests of this religion are climate scientists and the legacy media and politicians are its evangelical missionaries. At its core, “Climate Change” isn’t actually about being a good steward to the Earth, an otherwise laudable goal – it’s actually about submission and control.

“Climate Change” is a concept built broad enough to encompass just about every aspect of our lives so that those in political power can associate it with anything they want. Cars – climate change. Burgers – climate change. Art museums – climate change. Name something you enjoy in life and climate “activists” will somehow find a way to tie climate change into it. The goal of “climate change” isn’t to actually control the climate, it’s to control the world’s population through a system predicated on offsetting climatological “sins” by means of carbon credits and “green” technology.

In July of 2021 I published an article called Climate Sunday: The Beginning of Evil that detailed how an organization called The Climate Sunday Initiative was trying to capitalize on the idea of using COVID-style lockdowns on Sundays to curb our emissions. That particular organization has gone dark after the COP26 meeting in November 2021, but the same spirit continues to live on.

This year, at COP27, the high priests of the Climate Change religion are gathered at Mt. Sinai to decide how to grow their movement and gain more political and religious power. Because of the location of the COP27 gathering, the same mountain where God inscribed the Ten Commandments, Climate Change activists are co-opting that motif and applying their own version: For Our Sin of Emissions: 10+1 Climate Commandments.

This article, written by a Jewish member of the Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development and the Elijah Interfaith Institute, proposes 10 commandments (plus a bonus commandment, because they have to one-up God) related to “fixing” Climate Change. Buried in their 6th commandment is one about the Sabbath:

Keep the Sabbath

Emissions are down 30 percent over the sabbath every week in Israel and are almost zeroed out on Yom Kippur (the Jewish Day of Atonement, the holiest of the year). A global weekly non-carbon day of rest could reduce emissions of the world by a seventh, and can be observed by different faith communities on different days.

For Our Sins of Emissions: 10+1 Climate Commandments

Notice the last part, where they claim that this “day of rest” can be observed on different days of the week by different faith communities. This is the poison pill. They need to say this in the beginning in order to establish a foothold, but eventually having different “days of rest” for every faith community will become too onerous for governments to enforce. Since Jews don’t take too kindly to Gentiles observing the 7th Day Sabbath it’s doubtful that the global weekly non-carbon day of rest will be on the 7th day (Saturday). That day will be reserved only for Jews who will surely receive special exceptions from the governments. Everyone else (Gentiles) will be required to rest on the 1st day of the week (Sunday). And this is how it starts. Those of us Christian Gentiles that choose to keep the 7th Day Sabbath holy will find ourselves under pressure to change our weekly day of rest to Sundays in order to “accommodate” new climate change laws and regulations.

When religious leaders of all faiths ascend Mount Sinai on Nov. 13, during COP27, they will seek to touch the heart of humanity and deliver a prophetic message. Sinai power worked once before to fuel moral revolutions; it must work again. To keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, we need a miracle.

For Our Sins of Emissions: 10+1 Climate Commandments

Climate Change laws and regulations governing Sunday “non-carbon days” are only the early groundwork for a much more sinister plan. Eventually the “extraterrestrial” card will be played, during which wise “aliens” will arrive to Earth and instruct humanity about how to avoid a global climate crisis (or similar natural disaster) through the process of synchronized global meditation events, which will likely be scheduled for Sundays. Those who refuse to participate will be subject to persecution. Depending on who the “aliens” claim to be, they may even convince the Jews to change their weekly day of rest to Sundays as well – that’s how important it will seem to be for humanity to unite in global harmony to raise our collective vibration and ascend to a higher dimension in order to survive a coming catastrophe.

Can you imagine the social pressure Sabbath-observing Christians would be under if the Jews hypothetically agreed to change their day of rest to Sundays? Any attempts at getting a religious exemption would be futile because society will point to the previously-largest Sabbath-keeping religious group, the Jews and compare you to them. “Even the Jews changed their holy day to Sunday because of this crisis, why should YOU be exempt from the Sunday rest law?”

The COVID Test

COVID masking and vaccine mandates were just the preview of things to come. Ask yourself, how did you respond to COVID mask requirements and vaccine mandates? Did you resist? Did you flagrantly disobey what the high priests of medical science instructed you to do? Or did you go along to get along? Double-masked your kids and rushed to get the shot at the first opportunity? Did you compromise your beliefs and rationality in order to fit in, keep your job or stay in school? Did you initially hold out but eventually cave to the peer pressure?

COVID was practice for Sabbath-keeping Christians in the Last Days. If you failed at COVID now is your chance to learn from your mistakes and spiritually prepare for what is coming with “Climate Sundays”. If you managed to resist the COVID psyop don’t celebrate just yet. Resisting medical tyranny was good practice, but the spiritual tyranny that is coming with “Climate Sundays” will be a whole different ball game. The Regime will use similar tactics against you, like they did with COVID, but the fundamental nature of this coming psyop will be completely uncharted territory.

Brace yourselves, Climate Sundays are coming…

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